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Sanders wins Wyoming amidst delegates split


US democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has won the Wyoming caucus but recorded a draw in terms of delegates.

Sanders split the state’s delegates evenly with Hillary Clinton.

It is the seventh state he has taken in a row, and making it eight out of nine victories.

“We have won eight out of nine last contests. We’re looking forward to New York and other states as well. We are in this race to win. We have a path to victory and our intention is to win the Democratic nomination and then win the general election,“he said.

The Democratic contest awards delegates in proportion to the vote, making even the loser get some votes.

Sanders’ victory in Wyoming with 56 percent of the votes was not enough to secure an additional delegate over Clinton.

The victory represents barely a change in the overall delegate count.

His rival Hillary Clinton still has a clear lead in the race.

Candidates need to win the most delegates, rather than a number of states and Clinton has 1,755 delegates compared to Sanders, 1,068.

The nomination will go to whoever wins 2,383 delegates.

Clinton is campaigning in the nearby borough of Brooklyn for New York vote on April 19.

Both now have their sights set on the key to New York primary later this month.

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