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Ethiopia-Somaliland deal: A pivotal move for sea access and regional relations (Business Africa)

Afolake Oyinloye , host of Business Africa

Business Africa

Ethiopia has recently secured strategic access to the Red Sea's coasts through a groundbreaking agreement with Somaliland. Leasing a 20-kilometer stretch of coastline, this move is pivotal for Ethiopia, allowing diversification beyond Djibouti. Currently reliant on a single corridor for 95% of its imports and exports, this development raises crucial questions about its potential impact on global maritime trade.

To shed light on the implications of Ethiopia's recent maritime agreement, we were joined by Ali Hojeij, a legal and economic expert. Delving deeper into the topic, Hojeij provided insights into the potential ramifications and strategic significance of Ethiopia's expanded sea access.

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South Africa's Tourism Resurgence:

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