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Gabon: residents react one month post military coup

Gabon: residents react one month post military coup
Resident reacting one month post-coup in Gabon   -  
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Residents of Libreville, the Gabonese capital share their views on the situation in their post-coup country as political and economic challenges remain immense, a month after military leader Oligui Nguema overthrew Ali Bongo Ondimba, whose family has ruled the oil-rich Central African state for more than half a century.

Throughout the last month, General Oligui has held a hectic round of intense consultations with all sections of the population.

"In his speech, he emphasized the importance of water access for all Gabonese citizens. Here in the Melen district, we have the infrastructure in place, but we still lack access to water. President Oligui hasn't taken any action or initiated contact with SEEG (Gabon Water and Energy Company) agents to address this issue. As of now, we're still waiting, and there has been no progress," reacted Sylviane Nyembo, financial manager.

"I simply wish for the curfew to be lifted. I haven't observed any security issues in the city or across other provinces in Gabon. I believe it would be beneficial for businesses and facilities that operate at night," added Yan Lekoika, an environmental law student.

The new strongman lost no time in warning that corruption would no longer be tolerated.

Immediately after seizing power, he summoned around 200 Gabonese business leaders to a meeting. Broadcast on state television, he sternly warned business leaders against over-billing and told them to commit to the development of the country.

"It's too early to assess, so it's better to be patient, because one month isn't sufficient, and even two months may not be enough. Perhaps after three or six months, we'll be able to see what's going wrong, as opposed to our expectations. At the moment, I can't say, but I'm observing," defended Serge Toussaint Ondo Obounou, retired accountant. 

"As for the measures taken by the transitional president, I remain convinced that things will improve. I personally hope to receive the support I need to open my own business," hoped Serge Moussavou Moussavou, unemployed construction graduate.

Oligui has promised to hand back the country to civilian rule with elections after a transitional period, although no timeframe has been set.

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