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'Black-ish' Teen Hip-Hop Artist Uses His Music to Inspire the Youth

Miles Brown is inspiring the leaders of tomorrow   -  
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A Budding Young Talent

Teenage actor and hip hop recording artist, Miles Brown, is delivering profound and uplifting lyrical content to his peers by way of his new rap album titled, 'We The Future.'

"It's kind of me reaching out to kids and the youth if you look at the cover. And I'm expressing how we're going to be the ones that are going to be in charge no matter how long it takes. But eventually, all of us are going to be in charge with how things are going on with this world, this country, whatever, and just making sure that we know what we're doing and doing the right things with it and just knowing how much power and impact that we're going to have over time."

Acting for Change

Drawing inspiration from the Emmy award-winning tv series ‘Black-ish’ in which Brown portrays Jack Johnson, his body of work explores various social justice issues while inciting the youth to get involved for the sake of society‘s generations to come.

“It's such a groundbreaking show because they've talked about things that no other show has talked about. So that inspired me to start talking about other topics that no other artist is talking about or no other kid my age is talking about. So, whether it's mental health, being confident, bullying — there are so many things that are wrong that are going on right now, that I can easily speak on, but as a kid and the way I am and, you know, the position I'm at to be able to speak up on certain things. I kind of want to take advantage of and talk about as many things as I possibly can."

Limitless Possibilities

Brown is also musically inspired by his father, rapper Jack 'Wildchild' Brown — a member of the hip-hop trio Lootpack. Still years behind the man he admires so much in his father, the budding teen had to re-record his album after his voice changed when he hit puberty. 

He says others can feel too constrained by their age — among other things, to not pursue their passions and fulfil their dreams.

“I know friends that have been told they're too young or they don't look good enough to do certain things or they don't look tall enough. I don't look tall enough or I don't-- no one's ever going to be perfect so, whatever people tell you, whether you're too young or you don't look like this or you can't do certain things, that's why I wanted to make this album, because it's really calling out to the future that, we're going to be the ones that are in control and we don't want to repeat the cycle of the way things are going right now."

The 15-song collection — the fruit of two years of work, seeks to both empower and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

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