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Recent Flood Rundown: Sudan, Senegal and Cameroon.

Recent floods devastate parts of Senegal, Sudan and Cameroon.   -  
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flood in Iran

**The Rains are Rough


Sudan, in a state of emergency and declared a disaster zone last week due to intense floods that saw around 100 people lose their lives and 100,000 homes destroyed since July. All due to heavy rainfall, resulting in the Rile River rising by 17.5 metres in late August — the highest level in a century.

Earlier this week, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs warned that the September rain forecast will see the situation worsen.

Senegal sees thousands of people displaced in its capital city on Monday where roads have turned to rivers - following a weekend storm downpour of a year’s worth of rainfall in a single day. 

Heavy rainfalls devastate parts of Senegal, Sudan and Cameroon.

Many now-homeless inhabitants can be seen wading — chest-deep, through water and at least 6 deaths have been reported. Senegalese authorities have launched an emergency evacuation plan mobilising funded rescue teams to aid residents. Meteorologists forecast even more rain this week.

Cameroon reports over 1,500 families displaced in the North as overwhelming floods — from heavy rainfall in the town of Maroua the last few days, have destroyed their homes, washed away livestock and devastated plantations.

The installed embankment along the Logone River has also given out and even bridges have collapsed, leaving the inhabitants despondent. More heavy rains are expected to the fall in the same region this week.