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Nigeria's booming hydroalcoholic gel business [Business Africa]

Business Africa

<p><strong>Nigeria’s hydroalcoholic gel business booms amid the <span class="caps">COVID</span>-19 pandemic. In this edition, we speak with Dr. Stephanie Sodangi, who set up a local gel manufacturing plant in her clinic in Abuja.</strong></p> <p>High demand for sanitary products such as hydro-alcoholic gels and facemasks following the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the emergence of startups. </p> <p>In Nigeria, Dr. Stephanie Sodangi, a metropolitan physician and chemist, started manufacturing hand sanitizers in response to the current shortage. A company that has brought her fame in Abuja. </p> <p>Rwanda: shopkeepers worried about food shortages <h2 style="font-size:16px;">Rwanda: shopkeepers worried about food shortages </h2> </p> <p><strong>Soaring prices of basic commodities in Rwanda, producers and farmers warn of risks of food shortages.</strong></p> <p>Measures taken by the Rwandan Government of Rwanda to contain the new coronavirus have provoked hike in prices of basic commodities.</p> <p>The population has begun feeling the brunt. </p> <p>Meanwhile, producers and farmers are sounding the alarm and warning of the risk of food shortages due to the drop in income and current production.</p>
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