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African craftsmanship honored at Lagos fashion weekend


African craftsmanship is now a new destination for fashion and luxury, according to global players. From colorful dresses, to sophisticated outfits, participants in Lagos’ last fashion weekend honoured handmade works.

American actress and designer, Rosario Dawnson is convinced that African craftsmanship is the very expression of luxury.

“It’s different when you’re not using a bunch of plastics and oils and mass producing it in fast fashion. There is a big difference when something is hand-made and lovingly touched by someone who is really passionate about what they were doing and excited about creating something that they knew someone else could cherish and really value. That’s true luxury, when something is made from scratch and all the way up… And recognizing everyone from the farmer, all the way to the consumer as being valuable. That’s true value”, the designer said.

Lagos Fashion Weekend is not only directly targeted at fashion aficionados, but also everyday consumers. Professionals present at the event were delighted to be a part of such an occasion on the continent.

“I think that something that Africa has that’s so rich is the craft and so many people make things by hand. For example, you guys have the beautiful Adire fabric with a coloured tie. The batik patterns on your wax are all handmade. I think that in terms of luxury and fashion, that’s why people are coming to Africa today. It’s really the handmade, artisinal things”, Lezanne Livewells, a designer said.

African handicrafts are experiencing a new birth in the world of fashion and luxury.

This is evidenced by the proliferation of online platforms that specializes in the trade of handmade products imported from the continent.


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