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Untimely, unwise: Ethiopian activist jumps the gun on Afwerki's visit

Untimely, unwise: Ethiopian activist jumps the gun on Afwerki's visit


The visit to Ethiopia of Eritrean leader Isaias Afwerki was announced months back but it wasn’t until this week that it was confirmed that he returns with a visit to the Amhara region.

His itinerary according to Ethiopia state broadcaster, FBC, was to visit the cities of Gondar and Bahir Dar whiles in the country.

Most likely with this information, Ethiopia’s famed pro-democracy activist, Jawar Mohammed, shared his views of Afwerki’s revisit calling it untimely and unwise.

“Eritrea’s Prez Isaias Afrworki visiting Bahr Dar at this time is unwise & untimely. It will further exacerbates Bahar Dar – Mekele tension. It could also harm the ongoing Ethio-Eritrean reproachment,” his post on social media read.

Jawar’s headache was about internal tensions between Amhara and Tigray regions which in his view the visit to Amhara by Eritrean leader could exacerbate? he stretches it to imply that the July 8 peace deal between the two countries could be harmed.

Less than 24-hours later, Ethiopia Prime Minister flies to Amhara region where he has as at Thursday evening held two meetings on conflict resolution.

His office announces that Abiy will be meeting Afwerki and Somalia’s president Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed Farmaajo as part of further talks under a trilateral agreement signed two months ago in Asmara, the Eritrean capital.

Jawar, then based in the United States used social media to rally youth in the Oromia region to protest against anti-democratic steps by the government. The deadly protests forced Abiys predecessor to resign.

Abiy, an Oromo like Jawar, has since coming into office, reset Ethiopia’s government structure at different levels. his peace offer to Eritrea has also coalesced into a regional security boost.

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