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Harley Quinn – the best villain of Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn – the best villain of Suicide Squad

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Have you ever been attracted with the DC comic character that has played an amazing role in the Hollywood movies? Yes, there’s always that one character that gets you inspired. Who is your best? This article discusses the most popular villain of Hollywood industry “Harley Quinn”.

If a question was asked on which character blasted the cinema halls at the time of releasing the movie Suicide Squad, the answer would be one and only Harley Quinn. She is arguably the most recognizable DC character being featured in the movie. Despite not even being 25 years yet, she has enjoyed immense popularity over her lifetime like appearing in TV shows and video games.

The role of Harley Quinn is played by one fantastic actor Margot Robbie. She is an Australian actress who has appeared in many films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, Tarzan and Suicide Squad.

Hard work of Harley Quinn to depict in Suicide Squad

Before portraying in any movie or film, each actor should gesture in a way that amazes their audience and we think it is the main point that matters in each actor’s life. Harley Quinn is also one of the characters who worked hard to impress her followers. When you watch a movie, you definitely feel that it is a really flexible job and everyone can make it easier, but it is not that much easy as it seems. Do you know how hardly Harley Quinn workout to maintain her fitness? We think you don’t even recognize how far she pushes the envelope for her success.

The 26 years old lady knows that fitness is necessary for her perfect figure for the film Suicide Squad, especially in tight clothing. Her workout routine consisted of high-intensity cardio session and weight training. Margot chooses Andie Hacker as her trainer. He is famous for working with Victoria Secret Models. Andie takes 2-3 hours workout to turn Harley Quinn actress into an angelic supervillain.

Perfect Harley trainer – Andie Hacker

One of the best exercises was ditching the traditional cardio machine. Margot Robbie uses 1-hour high-intensity cardio circuits. She combines her cardio with crazy 8th strength routines and gun handling. Andie Hacker helps Harley to workout with balance ball which is one of the fun-loving exercises. The purpose of this fast-paced workout is to lose the weight by constantly changing things up.

Margot Robbie meets Hacker four to five times in a week for hour-long sessions. But she kicked up her training because her body was really showcased in the film download for Productivity Apps.

Working on legs was also a big challenge that was faced by Harley Quinn. She really works hard on the inner and outer thigh to pull the legs tight. An outer thigh exercise that incorporates the entire body is holding a side plank on the elbow with a light ankle weight, lifting the outer leg toward the ceiling. It’s really challenging for the core, oblique, bottom hips, top outer thigh and outer glutes. It shows the result after 30 to 40 days. Now you will get to know how Harley Quinn works for her fitness.

Harley Quinn’s Hacker also says that because of Harley’s costume, she needs to work more on the butt because it is necessary for her costume. As we all know that her shorts were so short and she does not want to scarify anything on her body shape. For the glutes, she did heavier resistance and lower reps to work on building that muscle a little more. Leg lift is also necessary for the best figure; Harley Quinn always takes 20 leg lifts of both the legs.

Extra Harley Quinn activities before joining Suicide Squad team

If we talk about some of the work she has done before her movie Suicide Squad, then you will get to know how impressive the personality she has. The majority of Harley Quinn appearances have been in animated form, but the Suicide Squad was her first cinematic role. Her many films were attractive that stunned many of the followers. We must say that there might be no one who would say that Harley is not an interesting character. She is not always a bad character, may try to do good, but often times it results in more chaos.

Before joining the Suicide Squad team, she was merely a regular woman who dressed like a clown; she wouldn’t be that useful out in the field. She is talented, gymnast, so whenever she’s delivering the beat down, it usually while jumping and doing backflips. After too many animated films, Harley Quinn gets chance from her best friend Poison Ivy that not only immune to all toxins, but also boosted her strength, speed, and agility. With the best quality of the character, she becomes one of the famous characters of the Suicide Squad.

Daily Harley routine

Not only the powers of Harley Quinn make her a popular villain of DC comics, but some of her physical workouts are also the main reason for it. As we cannot get success without doing hard work, similarly, Harley also didn’t get the success without her uphill struggle. Let us discuss the routine of our favorite Harley Quinn that helped her to make herself a fitted woman. *Trampoline/Rebounder Jumps *Skipping Rope *Bosu Balls Hops *Big Circles Leg Rotation *Double Legs Lifts *Outer Thigh Lifts *Mountain Climbers

These all are the exercises that she has done to amaze her followers and get a fantastic appearance on the big TV series from which you can take inspiration from Hollywood Jackets.

What you have to do?

We think that it is the best article for all those craziest fans of Harley Quinn and wants to make her ideal personality. According to us, if you get inspired by the character, so the main responsibility should be to learn about their hard work that they have done to impress you guys. Look like your favorite character by wearing her outfit that will boost your personality. You will definitely find Harley Quinn Jacket that is one of the pleasing attire of her that everyone wishes to wear for the special occasion.