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MSF calls on EU states to stop sending migrants back to Libya


Doctors Without Borders have increased condemnation in the face of the situation of migrants in Libya. In an open letter to the European Authorities, the NGO accused the European Union of being an accomplice for the treatment mated to migrants in Libya.

The NGO stated the fact that its new migration policy be qualified as criminality. Doctor without borders said the EU must take a position.

Operational Advisor of MSF, Jan-Peter Stellema said she spoke a couple of months ago to a couple of politicians and at a certain moment they started to use the word ‘real politic’.

“We are not for open borders as such. But we do recognize that immense suffering cannot continue. Joanne talks about longer, medium and short term solutions, that’s exactly what needs to be in the mix. People should not have a choice between dying in Libya or dying at sea while risking the journey. We have said that for months, we have said it for years. That needs to change,” she said.

Accused of causing misfortune for people while trying to cross, thanks to its cooperation with the Libyan Coast Guard, the EU says it reflects on possible solutions.

We are not turning a blind eye on it. We are taking action as we’ve explained several times over the summer and we want to change the situation,” said Commission Spokeswoman, Catherine Ray.

Several migrants are languishing in detention camps in Libya due to the failure of crossing the Mediterranean. Waiting for a possible return through the support of the International Organization for Migration.

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