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The future of Afro-pop music found in Congo Brazzaville

Republic of the Congo

The African continent is full of different talents – some that have still not yet been tapped and others that have to be shown to the world. Africanews brings you a platform to exclusively see these unexploited talents, which have the potential of entering the continental and even the international stage.

Spirita Nanda is a budding artist in the Republic of Congo who has released a new single: Kitoko, that has started making the airwaves.

She sings, raps not only in the French language but also in lingala English and Swahili.

She joins Linnete Bahati for This is Culture.

“Spirita Nanda is an artist from Congo originated from Congo. I do soul music, afro-pop, afro-house now. Officially I have been in the industry since 2015 and am trying to do my best for everyone to like my music.”

Listening to some of her songs and watching her music videos, one can feel her passion in what she does but where exactly did this come from?

“I was very young in 1997 after the war in Congo. I was 11 years old. And because am a sensitive person. I wrote my first song and I gave it to my dad who wanted to give it to Koffi Annan. I decided to do music because it heals my soul and spirit. So any time am inspired or something phenomenal that affects me or shocks me I write a song.”

“I mainly sing in English, a bit of French, Lingala but now Swahili because I love Swahili. So I would love to speak it. So I love Swahili. Its an international language and I think why not having an African language in all African countries that we can speak and understand each other?”, said the upcoming artist.

According to her, her latest hit single Kitoko encourages women in the African society to embrace their true beauty.

“Kitoko in Lingala means beautiful. I speak about African beauty. I want all African women to feel proud as they are. Because if you go on social media, you will see many advertisements on how to become more lighter. We are dying we are trying to do everything to become more beautiful. But why? Lets just stay as we are,” she said.

But just like other upcoming artists, Spirita has her own share of challenges.

“I do everything by myself with the support of my family. Thats the big challenge I have. But since its a passion, I don’t look at that. I take the risk. I say no I will spend all my energy all I have and I have to do it,” she explained.

So is she the next sensation on the continent and beyond?

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