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Zimbabwe: Mugabe's supporters flood Harare in show of solidarity

Zimbabwe: Mugabe's supporters flood Harare in show of solidarity


Close to a thousand protesters stormed the headquarters of the ruling ZANU-PF party on Wednesday to demonstrate their support for the government following anti-Mugabe protests which have rocked the country this month.

President Robert Mugabe has accused foreign governments of remote controlling the protests against his regime and has urged his supporters to remain committed during these difficult times.

“It also give us a chance to express our solidarity with our president, Robert Mugabe. We remain committed to our country, we remain committed to our party as young people in ZANU-PF,” a sympathizer of Robert Mugabe said.

Zimbabwean Pastor, Evan Mawarire who rallied people under his #Thisflag twitter campaign was last week arrested on charges of treason but the case has been thrown out of court.

Mawarire who is currently in South Africa, says his protests are peaceful and target government corruption, police brutality and delays in salary payments.

“The next step remains emboldening citizens to stand up, emboldening citizens to rise up, getting citizens to realize that this is how you bring change, This is how you drive a nation forward,” Mawarire said.

However, Mugabe’s supporters have described the activist as paranoid.

“What pastor Mawarire is saying is just a joke and it’s paranoid. We don’t take paranoid as something that can rule the country, we don’t need you and we will never like you,” another supporter of Mugabe told Reuters.

Zimbabwean police have cracked down hard on demonstrators and the government has threatened more court action if protesters continue to heed to Mawarire’s call.

But the anti-Mugabe protesters continue to grumble about the country’s economic crisis.

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