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U.S. mobilising to "cleanse" Libya from ISIS threats


The United states has warned that ISIS is planning to use Libya as a regional base. The U.S. looks forward to collaborate with Britain, France and Italy to stop the Islamic State group from expanding to North and sub-saharan Africa.

General Joseph Dunford, US chairman of the joint chief’s staff believes this can be done through decisive military action.

“You want to take decisive military action to check ISIS expansion and at the same time you want to do it in such a way that is supportive of a long-term political process,” Dunford said.

Intelligence reports of some western powers indicate that Lybia has become a favourite ISIS recruitment zone and it is believed the group has close to 3000 fighters.

The reports explain that the terrorists face difficulties expanding into Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

General Dunford also talked about the possibility of having effective ground forces in Libya but added that action will not be so quick because the US military will need ideas from the U.S defense secretary and president Obama.

“The decision will come in weeks and not hours.It is fair to say that we are looking to take decisive military action action against ISIS in conjunction with the political process,“the General said.

He said the measures will be implemented after an agreement with Libya’s government.

The US has also announced that an Islamic State senior leader, Abu Nabil was killed in November last year by airstrikes.

It is believed Abu Nabil was highly backed by Islamic state leaders in Iraq and Syria.
The Islamic State has of recent been involved in attacking and setting fire on Libya’s oil installations.

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