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10 African cities with the highest crime index at the start of 2024

10 African cities with the highest crime index at the start of 2024
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Crime has a global reach, and Africa is not exempt from its impact. The continent grapples with crime rates influenced by socio-economic disparities.

Factors such as poverty, limited educational access, and economic inequality contribute to a climate where some individuals resort to illicit activities for survival.

Certain African cities face significant challenges, marked by high crime rates linked to issues like drugs, kidnappings, and armed conflicts.

According to the latest update from Numbeo's crime index, urban areas exhibit higher crime frequencies than rural or suburban areas.

The crime rate is calculated as the number of offences per capita per year, offering insights into the safety of a particular area. Numbeo categorizes crime levels as moderate (40-60), high (60-80), and very high (exceeding 80).

Understanding and addressing these socio-economic factors is crucial to fostering safer communities across the continent.

Rank City Country Crime Index Global rank

1. Pretoria - South Africa - 81.8 2nd

2. Durban - South Africa - 80.9 3rd

3. Johannesburg - South Africa - 80.7 4th

4. Port Elizabeth - South Africa - 77.0 8th

5. Cape Town - South Africa - 73.5 16th

6. Lagos - Nigeria - 68.0 27th

7. Windhoek - Namibia - 67.6 30th

8. Harare - Zimbabwe - 61.0 57th

9. Nairobi - Kenya - 59.1 67th

10. Casablanca - Morocco -  54.4 93rd