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Cameroon's albinos threatened by magic and superstition

People living with albinism in Cameroon   -  
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Faced with discrimination around the world with their different appearances, albinos livening in Cameroon live under the fear of being killed for ritual purposes.

In some local traditions, it is believed that the limbs of albinos are magical and brings luck and good health to anyone who possesses them.

President of the Association for the Promotion of Albinos in Cameroon, Kakmeni Wembou Raphaël lamented his mother faced a lot of societal pressure to put her at the granary.

"My mother was told to put me in the granary, because when the corn is dried in the granary and she put me there, I will become black afterwards.

"My own family does not visit me. So everything I do, they don't take into consideration. They have no respect for me ... Njoko Kom Sandra added.

Out of 17 000 people worldwide, there is at least one albino, and one in 5,000 in sub-Saharan Africa.

A primary school pupil, Douangni Sandrine, is now an outcast in her own family. According to her, no member of the family cares about her wellbeing due to her skin colour. "Everyone thinks I am cursed. used the expression.

According to her history teacher, although there are no longer abductions and killings as before, the rituals continue.

In addition to the social problems they face, albinos with sensitive skin easily contract skin cancer if they do not protect themselves from the sun.

Statics shows 80 per cent of albinos in sub-Saharan Africa died from cancer.

In Cameroon, many albinos in the country do not have access to sunscreen because of the high prices.

Regular check-ups, access to sunglasses and sunscreen are important for albinos to continue living healthy lives.

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