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Togo and efforts to rebound its economy [Business Africa]

Ruth Lago, journaliste à Africanews, Business Africa, 15 juin 2021.   -  
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Ruth Lago, journaliste à Africanews, Business Africa, 15 juin 2021.

Business Africa

On this episode of Business Africa,

- We take a look at the Togolese economy. The west African nation has began processing cassava into starch.

The Nouvelle Société de Commercialisation des Produits Agricoles NSCPA in Togo has opened its factory in Kamina, 164 km from Lomé, and expects to produce 50 tonnes a day

We hear more about this and it’s likely impact on a rebounding economy.

- And we also hear of the report in the quarries of Andilana, Madagascar, where the artisanal extraction of beryl, a semi-precious stone that is a source of income for the inhabitants, has been banned for health reasons.

Now, Africa produces about half of the world's cassava, and while cassava is one of the most consumed crops in sub-Saharan Africa, it is also the second most important source of starch after maize.

Demand for cassava as a feedstock for the production of bioethanol, a biofuel used in petrol engines, is growing.

In Togo, one company, NSCPA, wants to make cassava processing the primary source of its income and become the largest employer.

We spoke with Edouard Kueviakoe; Director of Deal and consulting.

In the second part of the programme, we take you to the depths of a small Malagasy village called Andilana, where beryl was discovered 6 months ago, a small village located 9 hours drive from Antananarivo.

Beryl is a semi-precious stone, some of which are precious, the best known being emerald and aquamarine.

But since 22 May, the prefecture has decided to close a quarry for health reasons and a lack of a mining permit.

According to many, the police and high-ranking members of the government are exploiting the quarry illegally; a report by our correspondent on site, Volana Razafimanantsoa.