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USA: Award-Winning TV Show ‘This Is Us’ Says #BLM in 5th Season Debut

Sterling K. Brown leads in #BLM 5th season debut of hit series 'This Is Us.'   -  
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This Hit Series is Hitting Even Harder This Season

The 5th season of the award-winning series 'This Is Us' is not shying away from reality at all.

Series actress Chrissy Metz had to dig deep.

"I, as a woman, as a white human being, having this experience-- I'll never know what it's like for anybody of colour to know what they have gone through and what this country was founded on. And for me, it was such an important scene to know that it was not about me, but it was about opening up a subject that people are not only afraid to talk about, but absolutely it's necessary to discuss and to change and to move forward and sometimes, going through change is really, it's painful, but you have to own your part in it."

Metz shares her artistic process when approaching a role or doing a scene that could be emotionally overwhelming.

I always have to remind myself, I'm like OK, this is not really happening to me, like on a cellular level, everything is OK, everything's OK. But, I think we all know that we've experienced pain, unfortunately, but that's a part of life. And what we get to experience the, dare I say, good or bad, whatever you want to call it, but the ebb and flow of life. And I definitely bring those experiences into a scene or into a particular episode, because it's my job to understand what the character's going through and then convey it to the audience.

Your Pre-Pandemic Guilty Pleasure is Back on Screen!

Production halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic but filming has since resumed with all necessary coronavirus-prevention protocols in place.

Debuting with the emotion-packed Black Lives Matter themed episode on January 5th, fans can continue to expect the show to address real-life experiences by way of relatable characters that showcase and explore the various layers of humanity.  

'This Is Us' is available as per regional services and on various streaming platforms.