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DP world - Rwanda: striving for development of local communities

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Establish a participatory management system by integrating local populations into the economic development process.

This is the Rwandan government’s strategy on the KPL: the logistics platform of Kigali, one of the largest dry ports in Africa with a total area of 30 hectares

The first phase of the infrastructure, estimated at US$35 million, was entirely financed by the global logistics giant, Dubai Port world, for a 20-year concession.

The facility is equipped with high-tech equipment and bases its strategy on innovation and transparency.

“What we have is the different gateways and it allows the customers as to where the product is and how much time it will take to get here. It gives them a chance to prepare finances that are going to be needed for clearing and it also prepare them to go out to the market and say the products will be here shortly. If they have their samples they can start distributing the samples so that when the products comes you should have a sale base ready for the sales of that cargo that is incoming,” explained Dion Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at DP World.

The terminal located in Masaka, 20 kilometres from Kigali, contributes to the economic development of the country, with nearly 700 direct and indirect jobs created within the structure, which also welcomes students from all over the country, as well as foreigners.

DP World and the Rwandan government aim to further include local communities in this development, by financing development projects that will extend throughout the country.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of DP World, “after phase 1 DP World is envisaged to develope phase 1.2 which is another 7 hectares and on that expansion plan we intend to bring in commodity warehouses and we intend to bring in non-bonded ware housing, packaging, re-packaging, dedicated chemical storage facilities and all is going well. There will also be an incorporation of cold store very soon to our current facility. Upon the successful completion of phase one and also phase 1.2 there is also a possibility of developing phase 2.”

In addition to facilitating the various procedures, Rwanda is a real gateway for neighbouring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and even Burundi, countries classified among the areas with very high economic growth.

The KPL, which will also access the port of Mombasa in Kenya with a capacity of 50,000 TEUs, which is the equivalent of 20 feet.
It could potentially save Rwandan companies nearly $50 million a year in logistics costs.

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