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Ethiopian activists condemn mob action, violence during rally in Oromia

Ethiopian activists condemn mob action, violence during rally in Oromia


Known and famed Ethiopian activists took to social media in condemnation of mob violence over the weekend in the Oromia region’s town of Shashememe.

Reports by local portals indicate that four people were killed during a public gathering organized to welcome a top pro-democracy activist, Jawar Mohammed.

Three people died as a result of a stampede at the entrance of Shashemene stadium – venue of the rally, while another died after having been mob-lynched by a group who authorities say were acting based on fake news that the car he was driving was carrying a bomb.

Jawar, who is also Executive Director of the privately-owned Oromia Media Network recently returned to the country to engage in peaceful political process following ongoing government reforms.

The Addis Standard news portal said a vehicle the victim of the mob-lynching was driving was also set on fire.

They quoted top Oromia officials as confirming that the car belonged to the Shashemene city administration and security department which was on patrol duty and that it did not carry any explosives.

A government that have lost the monopoly of violence, incapable of guaranteeing security, and allows crowd justice cannot hope to bring democracy. There can be no democracy under conditions of anarchy. Get a grip. #Shashamanne #Ethiopia

— Awol Allo (@awolallo) August 12, 2018

But selective outrage on social media and thinly veiled Oromophobia surely can’t take us very far. Barbaric acts of few deranged individuals doesn’t represent the entire Qeerroo or Oromo. We should be able to condemn this despicable act without blaming an entire group.

— Mohammed Ademo (@OPride) August 13, 2018

Uncontrolled #Qeerroo authority in #Oromia should be tapped. The ‘monopoly of force’ should be in the hands of a responsible government what so ever. What happened in Shashemene today is barbaric and unacceptable. This is not good for president Lemma and PM Abiy either.

— BefeQadu Z. Hailu (@befeqe) August 12, 2018

So now we lost 3 people for a peaceful gathering. Does this make sense for you guys ?? #Ethiopia #Shashemene ?

— Soli ? (@Soli_GM) August 12, 2018

What happened in shashamanne is despicable, inhumane, is an affront to everything we are as a community, our sacrifices as a society, & our aspirations as a country. We all should condemn it wherever we are.


— Fatuma Bedaso (@FBedaso) August 12, 2018

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