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Comoros ex-president wants apex court reopened before referendum


Former Comorian President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi on Monday called for the reopening of the country’s Constitutional Court as a prerequisite for the referendum project announced by President Azali Assoumani on the revision of the Constitution.

“I am not ready to accept this referendum until the Constitutional Court is rehabilitated. I defend democracy,” Sambi said.

In late April, President Azali announced a referendum in July to amend the Constitution to ensure the stability and development of the country.

I am not ready to accept this referendum until the Constitutional Court is rehabilitated. I defend democracy.

Earlier, the Comorian President had taken the decision to suspend the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country, because of an “incomplete number of judges” and had “temporarily” transferred his powers to the Supreme Court. The opposition described the decision as an abuse of power.

According to Sambi, president Azali Assoumani has the right to amend the Constitution, the Constitution allows it, but he said ‘‘this approach must remain in accordance with the rules set by the same Constitution, and among these rules, the Constitutional Court must approve it’‘.

He said ‘‘any change that does not respect the rules set by the Constitution would lead to a crisis. The Comoros does not need a new cycle of instability. The Comoros would be the first victim.”

“To save this country, to save its unity, we must stop this referendum. And if we really want to change the Constitution, we must restore the Constitutional Court. If we walk on the Constitution, there is a risk of instability,” he warned.

When asked what instructions he would give to his supporters, the former president said he had no answer. “Neither yes nor no, we’ll see if he persists in organizing it illegally.”

“Until proven otherwise, I do not believe that this referendum will take place, I would not wish it to take place. He must be dissuaded from not doing so.

However, the Juwa party leader rejects the idea of calling for a boycott.