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Congo's 'King of Dancehall' music

Congo's 'King of Dancehall' music

The Republic of Congo famed for the Rhumba genre of music may hardly come up when you talk about dance hall artists.

But their prominence could go a notch higher, thanks to a breed of budding up and coming artists in this Central African nation.

Meet Sosey Boy a dance hall artist whose music is already making it big on the airwaves across the country especially among the youth.

“I really like Sosey. I like his music, his style too… A bit of English and especially his song “Be my woman”, said one of his fans.

Sosey Boy infuses English, French, Lingala and even Munukutuba which is Congolese into his music. He explains why:

“I felt compelled to do it… At first I was so interested in English and the fact that English is a language that breaks down boundaries. I thought I’d start in English and then I put myself in the spotlight and noticed that I was singing in a francophone environment. So I told myself if I want to reach many more people in my locality, I have to sing in a language they understand.”

He also took part in Coke Studio Africa in 2016 where he got to perform with artists like Flavour from Nigeria and Angola’s Yuri da Cunha.

“It was an inspiring experience, it’s been my greatest experience so far. It was a privilege to work with these great artists who have a continental and global impact. I felt blessed.”

It is certain that not even the sky is the limit for this Congolese artist. I was able to attend a concert organised by RFI in which he also performed.

“It was crazy, it was beautiful the audience was great and I felt that they were behind me. It was just really exciting exciting exciting! And it’s nice to see the Congolese people like this. The movement is growing and I’m proud of us,” he said right after the performance.

And not only music fans are head over heels in love with Sosey Boy’s act. Industry big wigs like Claudy Siar, (RFI presenter of Couleurs Tropicales) are also in awe over his talent .

“There is a need for the State to understand that culture and in particular its artists, since we are talking about music are ambassadors and when the ambassadors are considered by their country, they go further and even much further in their compositions and become much more efficient on stages across the country and on world stages,” said the radio personality.

From the audience’s reception of his craft , you will not be far off by saying that Sosey Boy is really someone to keep an eye on.