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Emmanuel Macron: France's youngest president

Emmanuel Macron: France's youngest president


Emmanuel Macron graduated from one of the world’s most prestigous public administration universities. He later worked as an investment banker at Rothschild.

Aged 29, he married a French high school teacher twenty-four years his senior. Her eldest daughter had been Macron’s classmate.

In 2014, Emmanuel Macron was appointed France’s economy minister under François Hollande. Macron promoted a series of labour reforms he said would encourage the hiring of staff.

Opponents said the so-called Macron bill will result in more work for less money and decreased job security. Workers were furious.

In April 2016, Emmanuel Marcon launched a new political movement called “En Marche.”

Emmanuel Macron, the youngest of the presidential candidates, positioned himself as the pro-European who wants to “reform the country.” His programme promises to free labor and innovation while protecting the individual.
Macron defends an “open” France “faithful to its values.” In other words, France has to “take responsibility” and welcome refugees in cooperation with other EU member states.

In the first round, the two big parties were pushed out of the game. After scoring first place, Macron said he would transform a stale political system.

Emmanuel Macron. Can the man who formed his political movement only a year ago radically change France?

All projections and indications pointed at Emmanuel Macron winning the second-round run-off, so it’s not really a surprise.

His party is already looking towards France’s parliamentary election next month. Opinion polls have already indicated that En Marche! was on track to emerge as the largest party.

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