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[Initial results] Ivorians vote 'YES' to referendum despite low turnout

[Initial results] Ivorians vote 'YES' to referendum despite low turnout

Ivory Coast

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Ivory Coast on Monday evening began reporting the results of the constitutional referendum held on Sunday.

After the low turnout of voters even in the capital Abidjan and reports of violence in other parts of the country, focus turned to the electoral body for the results of the referendum. The IEC had said complete results will be known by Tuesday.

On Monday however, Inza Kibafory, head of the CIS communications department began announcing initial results. The announcement covers the six regions of Ivory Coast (namely, Hambol, Bounkani, Bagoue, Mé, Iffou and Agneby-Tiassa).

He also announced some results from the diaspora (nine countries in all), Canada, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Gabon, Mali and Senegal, where nationals had the opportunity to cast their votes.

Attendance records

According to preliminary figures, the region of Bagoue took the lead in terms of participation. The region recorded 64.82%, followed by Bounkani (50.34%), the Hambol (61.76%) and Iffou (38.65%).

Regarding foreign Ivorians, South Africa stood out in terms of participation and vote rate cast for the “Yes”. 62.54% turnout and 96.09% voting “Yes”.

Results in Ivory Coast (as at Monday evening)

Region: Iffou

Voters on register: 99,923;
Total votes cast: 30,070;
Turnout percentage: 38.65%
“Yes” votes: 93.04%
“No” votes: 6.96%

Region: Agnéby-Tiassa

Voters on register: 194 098
Total votes cast: 84 390
Turnout percentage: 44.34%
“Yes” votes: 79.88%
“No” votes: 20.12%

Region: Bagoue

Voters on register: 98,382
Total votes cast: 63 218
Turnout percentage: 64.82%
“Yes” votes: 98.81%
“No” votes: 7.19%

Region: Meh

Voters on register: 168 089
Total votes cast: 99 244
Turnout percentage: 60.18%
“Yes” votes: 78.95%
“No” votes: 21.05%

Region: Bounkani

Voters on register: 53,572
Total votes cast: 26 484
Turnout percentage: 50.34%
“Yes” votes: 97.80%
“No” votes: 2.20%

Region: Hambol

Voters on register: 112 567
Total votes cast: 68 898
Turnout percentage: 61.76%
“Yes” votes: 99.30%
“No” votes: 0.70%

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