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Jean Ping rejects new Gabon government


The tug of war between Ali Bongo and Jean Ping continues even after the recognition of Ali Bongo as president by the country’s constitutional court.

Ali Bongo is working with Gabon’s newly appointed prime minister to form an open and inclusive government, but Jean Ping insists he will not recognise Ali Bongo as president.

“President, elected by you, the people of Gabon, I re-affirm, to everyone that I will not accept the government of Ali Bongo whose hands are soiled with the blood of our compatriots,” Gabon’s opposition leader, Jean Ping said.

Jean Ping insists that Gabon needs to be proud of strong institutions and not a strong man.

Ping added: “Ali is calling for dialogue. Can you call people to dialogue with guns, with helicopters, with jet fighters, you know, with a gun, killing, jailing everybody? Is it dialogue? And for what? With whom is he going to dialogue? For what?”

Ping has called on Gabonese to reject Ali Bongo and to unite and observe a national day of contemplation on October 6, so as to show solidarity to those who have died as well as compassion to families in mourning.

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