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Lesotho's horse racing culture

Lesotho's horse racing culture


In the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, horse-racing is a major social occasion.

At this course in the centre of the landlocked country, once a month races are hosted her during the winter period.

And as it is with most competitive sports, its involves lots of gambling.

The future of the horses of Lesotho comes out of these races

People gather and place their bets trying to select the two fastest horses.

Mohale Mpapa, a race horse owner says, “All the horses were very good, during training my horse got injured, so didn’t train him very fast, so next time if no injury, will be fine”

This sport brings people from all walks of life for entertainment purposes and it is also embedded in their culture.

“For me the future of the horses of Lesotho comes out of these races, where all your breeders and horse owners can analyse and look at the different horses and decide how they want to take their horses forward,” said Jonathan Hales a lodge owner.

The races are growing as a cultural event, and have been backed by the state to boost visitor numbers.


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