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Tanzanian screen writer types with her tongue

Tanzanian screen writer types with her tongue


Meet Wakonta Kapunda, a 25 year old Tanzanian, who is paralysed from neck down but has not let this disability deter her . She was involves in a grisly accident in 2012 that left her paralysed. She uses her tongue to type and she is an aspiring screen writer. The strong desire to express herself in a creative way has made her surpass her inability and develop this extraordinary skill.

“My biggest dream is to become a great filmmaker, I want to produce films that inspire and entertain people. This is my biggest dream ,” said Wakonta.

The young woman says her family is her source of strength and this is is evident by the way she conducts herself.

“Wakonta is a girl very strong person. She never gives up nor looses hope. She is very determined. Now she needs a lot of support from friends, family and the whole world around her. Since she writes in her own language, she needs to be helped in instances like when she needs someone to open a book for her to read,” said one of her relatives

Wakonta says she receives no financial support from neither the government nor from non -governmental organizations. Despite this, she remains determined to achieve her dreams.

“The greatest challenge to me at this time is finance. Yes, I can write a script very well and I am sure of this, but I also want to become a film producer. I want to produce my own film and my own scripts. I need capital to produce my films. That is something that I lack,” said Wakonta.

She is now advising all those in similar situation not to think too much to their disability, but rather to focus on the positive side of life.

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