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Zimbabwean veterans withdraw support for Mugabe

Zimbabwean veterans withdraw support for Mugabe


Zimbabwe’s Veterans Association says it will not support President Robert Mugabe’s bid for another term in office should he contest the 2018 elections.

The veterans who fought alongside the long serving leader for the country’s independence say it is time for him to step down as he has failed to solve the country’s economic challenges.

“We have no manager who is able to manage the economy of this country, this is why we are saying Mugabe must go,” said Colonel Beta Guvheya, a war veteran.

Guvheya explains: “We did not fight for the one centre of power and we did not fight for one family to benefit the economy of this country.”

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on the decline since the early 2000s with inflation running in the negative and unemployment on the rise.

A drought in the southern part of Africa has also compounded the situation in the country once known as the breadbasket of Africa.

Guvheya argues that “Mugabe is not going to win election” adding that he is “very sorry for his advisors, they are misguiding him because they are not in touch with the ground.”

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has hailed the decision by the veteran association and called on president Mugabe to heed their advice.

Zimbabwe’s growing economic woes have led to social unrest in the country with anti-government and pro-government supporters hitting the streets in protests.

“That’s why he is declaring war against his own people. He mobilises the youth to fight against us, he declares a war against the war veterans, that is not Mugabe that I used to know” Colonel Guvheya said.

Pastor Evan Mawarire who started a social media movement using the hashtag THISFLAG, successfully got Zimbabweans to stay away from work about a fortnight to protests the economic situation in the country.

Currently in South Africa, he has asked Zimbabweans not to give up on the fight for a better Zimbabwe.

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