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Is the Brexit bad for Africa; CAR security concerns shopkeepers and Togo's tasty medicinal mushrooms

Is the Brexit bad for Africa; CAR security concerns shopkeepers and Togo's tasty medicinal mushrooms

Business Africa

Brexit contagion fears

Britain’s decision to bow out from the European Union has dominated the headlines in Europe and beyond given sterling’s spectacular collapse on currency markets as uncertainty fuels fears of so-called contagion. Add to that, a political merry-go round with Britain’s major party leaders going, or being urged to; the only thing all sides agree on is that nothing is going to be settled any time soon.

So, what does that mean for Africa? Brexiters say it could boost trade with commonwealth countries. Certainly, as the world’s fifth largest economy the UK is a crucial investor throughout the continent, so looking ahead, will Britain continue to have a starring or a severely reduced role? Kenneth Karuri and Armelle Nke-Nga went looking for answers.

Bangui shopkeepers want more security

An estimated 2.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in the Central African Republic, according to several aid groups. Continuing conflict and insecurity are contributing to population displacement and the suspension of a number of medical aid programmes. Nonetheless, the country reported growth of 4.9 percent last year, its largest leap in more than a decade. On the streets, however, small business owners say the new government could be doing more to improve security to help them improve sales. Jean-David Mihamle and Michael Oduor report.

Togo’s magic mushrooms

We’ve visited Togo several times this season to look at innovative business projects as the country tries to diversify its industries and boost its financial fortunes. Now we’ve dug deep to bring you another revolutionary idea based on transforming spongy, abnormal organic growth material into health drinks. Serge Mankou and Selinah Ntobong discover a mushrooming business.