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New African Remittance Index reveals latest trends and impacts

Afolake Oyinloye, host of Business Africa

Business Africa

With a mushrooming diaspora community, remittances have become the largest source of external financing in many African countries.

Research has found that these inflows are critical for households in the face of disasters and crises like the ongoing financial crunch. 

Almaz Negash is the Founder and  Executive Director of, African Diaspora Network, she joins us to share insights on the impacts of remittance trends across the continent.

- Sudan’s Wheat Production Drops -

Sudan consumes about one million tons of wheat annually and yet local production only meets up to 17% of the market needs. With local production expected to go down by 25%, and escalating global food prices, the situation looks dire for a country that is one of the most vulnerable to hunger crisis on the continent. 

- Senegal's gold rush brings hope and despair -

Over the last 20 years, the Kédougou region in Eastern Senegal has witnessed a massive gold rush which has attracted people from neighboring countries like Guinea and Mali. What were once sparsely inhabited villages are now bee hives of activity with more people, more businesses and more urban related vices like human trafficking and prostitution. We have a detailed report.

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