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Russian men continue to try to flee the country to escape fighting in Ukraine

On Thursday, September 29, many Russian men were waiting at the Russian-Georgian border checkpoint to try to leave Russia. They were not sure if they could go into exile, but they wanted to try. In Russia, at the border with Georgia, a line of thousands of vehicles is visible since the announcement of the "partial mobilization" by the Russian president. People in line explain that they had to wait several days and sleep in their cars to try to get to the other side. Some of them ended up abandoning their vehicles and continuing on foot. Thousands of young men are trying to escape the mobilization decreed by Vladimir Putin. However, some Russians on the mobilization lists are forced to turn back after signing a paper stating that they cannot leave the Russian territory. Russia says it does not want to close its borders but several men told us they did not want to take any risks and preferred to leave Russia while there was still time.  On the border between Russia and Kazakhstan, large crowds of Russians cross into the neighbouring country and make their way to the city of Oral, to avoid being called up to fight in Ukraine. Unsure of what to do next, they register their residence at the city's administration centre and try to find temporary accomodation around the city. On Tuesday Kazakhstan's authorities said 98,000 Russians had crossed in the country since Putin announced a partial draft last week.