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Snake breeding business picks up pace in Burundi

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In Burundi, a rare type of business is emerging. To many Burundians, snakes symbolize demons. Its slightest presence in homes leaders to its quick death and only grown men, and only the bold ones, dare to attack snakes.

Nevertheless, this is a very important source of income to its breeders, a new profession in Burundian society. 

 In Bujumbura, one of the breeders has about thirty snakes and affirms that they are not naturally dangerous.

"A snake can only bite someone if it is provoked if it is stepped on. Here at home, people don't know its importance. They compare it to demons and kill them, Deo Nzigiyimama, a snake breeder told Africanews.

These snakes are usually kept in cages. They are then tamed to make them get used to human presence. Some say it's a job that is still ignored but profitable.

"We make bags and belts. When we collect the snakes from the forest, we put each one in its cage, we take care of their cleanliness. In Europe, a snake can cost 60 euros. If you have 100 heads, it's a business," Nzigiyimana revealed.

These breeders do also sell snake meat to maximize their incomes and they are now calling on youths to venture into this rare business in the country.

"I am testifying because I have already seen the fruits of this breeding. I am pleading with the youths to start this business," Nzigiyimana said

Snake business has also attracted a number of tourists to Bujumbura in the national museums. Some tourists also visit private farms to see these snakes.

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