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Zimbabwe: Arcadia Lithium Project re-evaluated[Business Africa]

Business Africa

The Zimbabwean Lithium Arcadia project is preparing to play in the big league. According to an updated feasibility study, the mine will have a longer operating life and an annual processing capacity of 2.4 million tonnes per year.

After a successful listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange: the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the mining company Prospect Resources announces its participation in the exploitation of the Arcadia Lithium project in Zimbabwe.

The operator has published an updated feasibility study showing that the mine now has a life of more than 15 years and an annual processing capacity of 2.4 million tonnes per year.

Sudan : the effects of sanctions on the economy

*Sudan’s economy still affected by US sanctions, the country is struggling to recover from the economic crisis in which it has been stuck since secession with its southern neighbour in 2011.

The international embargo on Sudan has a huge economic impact on people’s living standards.

Households and companies complain about the difficulty in carrying out transactions, particularly financial transactions.

And with annual inflation estimated at 60% according to official figures, the country is not ready to recover from the economic crisis that has shaken it for nearly a decade.

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