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Haiti: Demonstrators furious in Port-au-Prince


Protests in Haiti’s capital Port au Prince, seems to be far from over, the protesters are back on the streets as the country struggle to choose an interim president.

However, different political groups are at odds about how a temporary leader should be chosen and just who that leader should be.

“There is a conspiracy between Michel Martelly and a former Senate President, Edgar Leblanc to hold onto power. His is not going to control the country,” a protester said.

Another group called for Senate President Jocelerme Privert to be named the temporary president and denounced foreign interference .

“We are out in the street together with groups from the poorer neighbourhoods, people of the unfortunate class, to denounce the demagoguery of the “core group” and the American Embassy. We, the victims of neo-liberalism, of the imperialist countries, we are here to lend our support to (Senate President) Jocelerme Privert becoming the next president who will solve the problems of the masses,” said a protester.

A former member of parliament, Jean Laurent Nelson validated the demonstration calling for unity among the opposing groups.

“I am here, outside parliament, to lend my support to a very short transitional government and so that the groups get together in way that allows the country to return to constitutional normality,” he said.

Haiti has been hit with series of protests since the cancellation of the presidential run-off election.

An interim president is to be announced soon as the country awaits to elect a new leader after three months.

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