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South Korea launches propaganda against North Korea


South Korea has unleashed propaganda across its border with North Korea following the nuclear hydrogen bomb test announced by Pyongyang.

“No wonder (the South Korean government has started loudspeaker broadcasts). We cannot tolerate those who conducted a nuclear test which was a violation. Don’t you think? We should counteract it.” Jeong Hae Gyun lamented.

“Our Korean military has raised its alert and it is closely monitoring movements of North Korea. If there is any further provocation by North Korea, we will sternly punish them to pay the price for it,“Kim Min-Seok South Korean Defence ministry spokesman said in a statement.

The broadcasts are going on in 11 locations along the heavily militarised border. The messages critcise Kim Jong Un and his nuclear programme which South Korea believes is unrealistic.

The voice of a male announcer was heard from the speakers mocking North Koreans and suggesting that Kim Jong Un and his wife are extravagant.

“We always feel nervous that (North Korea) might fire shells here. The (South Korean) army near here said local residents should not go around, and should stay in the town hall and go to shelter located near the guard post if the army makes a call in case of emergency. We were told to be prepared,” a 71-year-old resident, Kim Soo-jin told Reuters.

As the propaganda broadcasts intensifies, North Korea has deployed troops while South Korea has raised its military readiness at locations near the loudspeakers.

The South Koreans seem ready to retaliate against any attack on the equipment and has raised its cyber security alert.

Sound from the speakers could be heard 10 kilometres into North Korea during the day. The sound level is doubled in the evenings.

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