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Do you agree or disagree with anything discussed on our programmes? Do you have a view on an issue in the news right now? Please share with us. The Network, The Morning Call and Football Planet are about you and your world and we want you to share your opinions on these programmes.

If you want to contribute to The Network, the best format is by video of up to 2 minutes long or photos. If you want to contribute to The Morning Call or Football Planet, the best format is a video showing yourself or a voicemail where you explain your viewpoint.

If you're sending videos or photos, please remember to state what it is about as well as where and when they were taken. Please tell us your name and where you come from. We may use your name, photos or videos on Africanews television, websites and social media so if you do not want us to do that, let us know. Unfortunately we can't publish or respond to every message we receive.

Here are our full terms and conditions.

The best way to get in touch is to send a video, your name and where you are from using


Below are the best ways to get in touch with us :

Use #myafricanews for all other programs.


You can send us your picture, video or message through WhatsApp via (+242) 064 77 90 90. To start using the app, download WhatsApp to your smartphone. Then add us via our number (+242) 064 77 90 90.


Email us your stories, your comments, your pictures and your videos.

Use myafricanews@africanews.com for general comments.

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