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Senegal's presidential election date set amid uncertainty

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Wahany Johnson Sambou


In a surprising turn of events, President Macky Sall of Senegal has officially announced March 24th as the date for the upcoming presidential election. This declaration has sparked reactions across the nation, evoking a mixture of relief and lingering uncertainty among Senegalese citizens.

After weeks of deliberation and speculation, the decision was made during a Council of Ministers meeting, marking an end to the prolonged deadlock surrounding the election date. The announcement came as a welcomed relief to many Senegalese who had grown weary of the prolonged uncertainty.

Senegal's streets buzzed with a palpable sense of satisfaction as citizens woke up to the news. For many, the clarity provided by the fixed election date was a much-needed respite from the ongoing political turmoil.

Ousmane Diallo, a student, expressed his relief, stating, "It's a relief because now we see crises everywhere. When we fail to organize an election and elect a new president, can things truly change? That's the question we should be asking ourselves."

Similarly, Mamadou Mactar Sene, a merchant, voiced his agreement, saying, "With the chosen date of the 24th, I agree. Let's hold the elections and put an end to it so that people can find peace."

However, amidst the relief, there remains a cloud of uncertainty. The decision to set the election date comes after the Constitutional Council rejected previously proposed dates, causing further apprehension among some Senegalese citizens.

Ousmane Sene, a political analyst, lamented the hesitations that led to the crisis, stating, "We were on the verge of organizing an election; we postponed this election. However, since then, we have seen that Senegal operates in unprecedented ways. Everything is unprecedented."

The upcoming election campaign promises to be a challenging one, with opposition figures expressing both anticipation and apprehension. Amadou Ba, representing candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye, acknowledged the need for clarity but expressed concerns about potential disruptions.

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