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Burundi: 'Poor Internet connectivity caused fuel scarcity'-gov't official says

Burundi: 'Poor Internet connectivity caused fuel scarcity'-gov't official says


Long car and motorcycle queues in fuel stations have become the norm rather than an exception in the Burundian capital Bujumbura.

The country is suffering from fuel scarcity and vehicle owners now rely only on few petrol stations which have the precious liquid. They find it difficult to understand why fuel has become so scarce.

“We waste a lot of time. At the moment, they say that prices have increased but the fuel is available.This makes it possible for us to buy few liters and continue our activities without queuing for long hours,” a vehicle owner said.

Everyone in Burundi has been affected by the fuel shortage. This situation has made taking public transport difficult in the country, placing the population in a confused state.

“We do not know what to do. There is total disorder. Let them do all they can to ensure that fuel is available,” said one passenger.

Reacting to the fuel shortage, Burundian government officials said the fuel scarcity has been caused by internet network failure.

“This fuel shortage has continued due to internet connectivity problems. The connectivity issues made the registration of trucks at the border cumbersome. The technical failure is also having a negative impact on the customs department,” Daniel Mitabakana, director of fuel management at the department of energy and mines said.

On the contrary, some sources say the fuel shortage has been caused by lack of foreign currency in Burundi as international organisations have stopped financial aid to express discontent with the ongoing political crisis.

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