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Nigeria consumers worried over hike in price of cooking gas

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Le coût élevé du gaz de cuisine au Nigeria, Octobre 2021


Some consumers in Nigeria have expressed concern over the current high prices of cooking gas urging the government to intensify measures to address the situation.

They say the price has increased 4 times in the last 2 months adding that the situation is making life unbearable for citizens.

“As a customer, it will affect me because I have a budget for the month that I spent on gas but it has tripled from N3400 (about $6), today I am buying for N7500 (about $14). We just have to plead with the government because gas is the safest means of cooking,” says Nana Abubarka, a customer.

“Well we all have to cook eventually with an increase or decrease but it is becoming unbearable even the prices of food stuffs have increased,” said Ifeanyi Brown, another Customer.

Plant consultant and Managing Director, Lubgas, Bright Ugwu says there are lots of factors attributing the hike in prices of gas.

“The price of LPG is sold at the international price while we make the transaction in local currency. The devaluation of the currency also contributed to this. There are also other factors like infrastructural issues and it is not just the price of gas alone that has increased but also accessories of cylinders have also increased,” he added.

A dealer and sales person says some customers are very angry with the new increase in prices.

“Some of them threaten not to come again saying they will go back to using charcoal or firewood and at the same time, some can’t afford it any longer, it has also made sells decreased, so they react badly to it because the price has gone up,” said Martha Opkara, Sales person.

However, authorities in Nigeria have attributed the rising cost of cooking gas to poor investment into the sector over the years.

According to Bright Ugwu, the government of Nigeria is making efforts to ensure that there is an increase in supply of the product. He says there is a huge gap between demand and supply.

“The government of Nigeria has invited other investors to come and invest and other people that have local production plants in Nigeria to convert gas flaring so that there will be more LPG for the consumers,” Ugwu reiterated.

Experts say the increase may worsen further if nothing is done to remedy the situation.

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