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Event celebrates legacy of Kyrgyzstan's ancestors

Local girls dressed in national costumes walk through picturesque mountain scenery into Kyrgyzstan's Jyrgalan Valley. They're here to celebrate the Altar Izi (Legacy of Ancestors) festival. Each girl's costume is inspired by garments worn by her ancestors. Festival organiser and designer Gulmira Primova says the costumes are one of the treasures left by their ancestors and that wearing them has great significance: This year the event is emphasising the important role of women in the past and present of Kyrgyzstan. As well as traditional singing in yurts, there's also the ancient nomad game Kok boru, or Buzkashi, where horse riders compete to get a goat carcass into a goal. The game was popular among ancient Asian tribes and is still prolific at ethnic festivals in Kyrgyzstan. The festival attracts many visitors from Kyrgyzstan as well as tourists visiting from outside the country.

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