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Upcoming street models in Egypt

Upcoming street models in Egypt


With just a click of the button, people are becoming celebrities with no hard work at all.

These Egyptian teenagers in an upscale Cairo neighbourhood have become part of a growing circle of upcoming celebrities on social media and are up to the challenge.

Striking poses and wearing trendy clothes, they hope to be noticed so that one day they can act in TV adverts or called for a shoot.

But their wardrobe is not to everyone’s taste.

“My mother likes my haircut but I know my father hates it. He doesn’t like my trouser,because he thinks they are too feminine,” said 15-year-old Islam.

Their inspiration comes from models like Sonek Diab, who set the pace by uploading his pictures on social media since his high school years.

“Some people in Egypt become famous without acting or singing but simply because they get photographed since they take care of their looks. All it takes is having a good photographer who can get a nice and a clean picture. So they start making a name for themselves getting more likes on their photos,” said the model.

In their provocative styles the question still remains if this new trend by the young Egyptians will be accepted.

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