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''Friends'' Central Perk cafe opens in Egypt

''Friends'' Central Perk cafe opens in Egypt


A coffee shop in Egypt built to look like ‘Central Perk’ from the 90’s sitcom Friends, is attracting a lot of business from fans who want to get the Rachel and Ross experience.

The Port Fouad ‘Central Perk’ cafe was created by a couple, Omnia and Abdullah Hassan.

Hassan, a former banker, quit his job and with the help of his interior designer cousin, Haytham Hegazy, spent six months reconstructing the cafe.

“I am a huge fan. I always had the idea of setting up a private business. My wife Omnia told me if we’re going to start a cafe why not create Central Perk. This was three years ago,’‘ said Hassan.

Egypt’s Central Perk is a three hour drive away from Cairo but, according to Hassan, the long drive hasn’t deterred people from making their way here.

The coffee shop is modeled on that in the hit TV show and customers can enjoy a drink whilst watching ‘‘Friends’‘.

One customer and fan, Hoda al Taraneesy, said she expected a cafe of this kind to be open in the bustling cities of Cairo or Alexandria.

“I was always used to finding places such as this [cafe] in centralised governates such as Cairo and Alexandria. I was happy to find this project in Port Fouad. Now I feel like Port Fouad is on the map. I am happy that the children of Port Fouad are the ones who completed it. I decided to come because of it being in Port Fouad and that I love the show,” said Al Taraneesy.

In just one month, the cafe’s Facebook page has more than 13 thousand likes. And due to the cafe’s success so far, its owners are hoping to expand into Cairo and Alexandria.

“Friends” first aired in 1994 and wrapped 10 years later. The series is still popular today.

Some fans have hoped for a reunion, something cast and crew have said is unlikely to happen.

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