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Bird-watching along the Nile with kayaks

Bird-watching along the Nile with kayaks


Bird watching enthusiasts and experts in Egypt have been introduced to an entirely new way of indulging in their favourite recreational activity.

The country’s bird watching community teamed up with their local kayaking club to make the most of the variety of birds nesting on the banks of the world’s longest river, the River Nile.

“In Egypt we have 450-475 types of bird. 300 of those are migrant birds. So the Nile here hosts water birds. What we saw here for the summer are birds that reside here. It is hard getting close to them but this is why the best way to see them up close without a motorboat is using the kayak,” said Watter Al Bahary, a bird watcher.

Another birder, Charif Khedr said a canoe boat makes for an ideal mode of transport to view the birds because it sails quietly along the river. She said experience is greatly enhanced by the boats.

“The Nile is rich with different bird types. Eagles, hawks, heralds and other special types. The kayak allows us to get close to them without disturbing them and so they do not escape.”

The organisers plan to hold more excursions and hope that this will help to preserve Egyptian bird life in future.


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