Museveni loves Trump because 'he speaks frankly to Africans'

Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has told legislators in his country that he loves the controversial American president Donald Trump because ‘he talks to Africans frankly’.

‘‘America has got one of the best presidents ever, Mr. Trump. I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly,’‘ said the president.

The third purpose for integration is strategic security. Donald Trump speaks to Africans frankly. Africans need to solve their problems. You can’t survive if you are weak. It is the Africans’ fault that they are weak. We are12 times the size of India, but why are we not strong?— Yoweri K Museveni (@KagutaMuseveni) January 23, 2018

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The president who was addressing legislators during a session of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) said Africa has everything it needs in terms of size and resources to be a major world power.

‘‘Africans need to solve their problems…Africa is 12 times the size of India, in terms of land area, lots of resources and now, the population is growing. Why can’t we make Africa strong?’‘ Museveni challenged the legislators.

America has got one of the best presidents ever. I love Trump. He speaks to Africans frankly. Africans need to solve their problems – Museveni #NTVNews— NTV UGANDA (@ntvuganda) January 23, 2018

Trump has been at the center of a diplomatic storm following reports that he referred to some African countries and Haiti as ‘shithole countries’.

Africa in Trump’s first year

African countries including Botswana, South Africa and Nigeria have summoned the American envoys in their country to explain the remarks while the African Union has demanded a retraction and apology from Donald Trump.

Museveni went ahead to extol the benefits of integration to the legislators from the six East African countries, which he listed as prosperity achieved through trade, fraternity and strategic security.

Museveni has previously asked Donald Trump not to ignore the opportunities Africa presents as he pursues his ‘America First’ agenda.

I have heard H.E. Trump talk about “America first”. It is okay but he shouldn’t close America off the unique opportunities Africa presents.— Yoweri K Museveni (@KagutaMuseveni) February 23, 2017
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