Burkinabes urged to consume more local products

Burkina Faso wants to create a great interest in the consumption of local products.

The initiative aims to boost the national economy through local consumption; a promising sector that is a sustainable alternative in the fight against unemployment and poverty in rural and urban areas. the problem however is the lack of raw materials.

A visitor to the country Adama Zagre said: “I asked the price and I was told that it varies 15,000 F or more. So I think it’s not within everyone’s reach. Now that the State is subsidizing or granting them certain favors, it will be within the reach of all. “

According to the 2017 trade balance, exports of value-added products rose from just over $ 2 million in 2012 to nearly $ 3 million in 2016, an increase of 0.31%.

Despite the current challenges, the enthusiasm around these local products is the pride of many players in the economic sector.

Fashion designer Tapsoba Boureima said: ‘‘When you buy a finished product from faso danfani, at least five people benefit from it, so it’s a chain that helps the people a lot and a developing country that relies on the export of its local products. We have enough materials with promotion adding value to them.”

The consumption of these local products, according to experts, will favor the creation of jobs with a view to revitalizing the production sector.
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