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Somalia's two athletes gear up for Rio


<p><strong>Somalia’s only two athletes for the Rio games are intensifying training in Mogadishu.</strong></p> <p>Maryan Nuh Muse and Mohamed Daud Mohamed will be participating in the track and field races and say they hope to create a personal record even if they do not win.</p> <p>The male Somali athlete, Kenyan born Mohamed Daud Mohamed is a former football player who now excels in the 5.000 metres.</p> <p>Mayan Nuh Muse will be competing in the 400 metres race and counts on her experience in international youth competitions.</p> <p>“My first trip abroad for competition was Botwana, in 2013. Then the Youth Olympic Games in China in 2014 and Congo-Brazzaville the same year. And more recently Tanzania in 2015. And now I am very happy to run in the 2016 Olympics” she said.</p> <p>While in Rio, the Somali athletes will meet other competitors with better training facilities. </p> <p>They however say this has not reduced their confidence in any way. Somalia had many top athletes in the 80’s who either sought greener pastures or went on exile.</p> “We have been training for seven months now and I hope that our efforts will bear fruits,” Mohamed Addow, who coaches the two athletes said. <p>Somali athletes sometimes get injured during training due to poor training facilities. </p> <p>After a long war Somalia is struggling to establish peace despite repeated attacks from al-shabaab. The government is aided in this mission by African Union troops.</p>
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