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Catholicism: solution to Africa

Catholicism: solution to Africa


With more than 1.25 billion members all over the world, Catholic church has also been one of the oldest Christian church on the planet.

The church maintains the doctrine of faith and morals that has stipulated the lives of all its members. Right from the appearance of Catholic churches, their structures outline it’s uniqueness. Masses are usually conducted in an orderly manner with a belief of God being ‘a God of order’.

In Africa, the denomination has set roots among the people. This was evident during the pope’s visit to Africa in Kenya, Uganda and Central Africa in late 2015.

Let us cultivate this experience of mercy, of peace and hope on this journey of advent we have embarked on and in the light of the Jubilee Year.

Catholic church has been able to address several issues in Africa which include corruption, tribalism, war and Christian-Muslim rivalry. The pope spoke passionately about environment, youths, ivory smuggling and even corruption during his entire visit to Africa.

Pope John had to visit a mosque in a Central Africa just to bridge the gap between the two religions that has been the cause of problems in the past.

With the deeply rooted African culture and believes, Catholic churches have managed to set foundation in a continent that seemed to be incorrigible.

Africa has offered ground to the growth of many Christian missionaries in the past. This has been remarked autonomously by various church organizations. Well, Africa seem to be the home to many cultures and beliefs.

The catholic Pope has always been praying for Africa with the recent prayers to South Sudan DRC, and Burundi with the ongoing war. He asked God to bring consolation and strength to the citizens.

“We also pray for peace and concord among the peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and South Sudan, that dialogue may lead to a strengthened common commitment to the building of civil societies animated by a sincere spirit of reconciliation and of mutual understanding,” he said.

The tradition of catholicism has been practiced for quite a long time in many African countries with the belief of ultimate unity across the universe.