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AfroWay launches ‘Creative Masterminds,’ A Legal Knowledge Program that aims at Diversifying & Enhancing Revenue Streams for Artists

AfroWay launches ‘Creative Masterminds,’ A Legal Knowledge Program that aims at Diversifying & Enhancing Revenue Streams for Artists

We, AfroWay Entertainment (https://AfroWayEnt.com), are pleased to announce that our office has been developing a unique strategic program, which came to fruition on July 02, 2020, upon reaching a consensus with Ong’anya Ombo Advocates (https://OnganyaOmbo.com). The purpose of the program named ‘Creative Masterminds,’ is to enhance the knowledge of various rights belonging to specific group of music artists, which will hopefully help them generate more revenue through or in line with their art.

The ‘Creative Masterminds’ program we announce today, July 06, 2020, is in favour of a specific group of independent artists, and signed artists who have the contractual independence to handle their intellectual property as they deem fit.

AfroWay Entertainment and Ong’anya Ombo Advocates understand that music serves various purposes to the various stakeholders involved. Music artists, who are stakeholders as well, engage in the art of music with a view to entertain and/or as a career. Our focus is on independent artists focusing on music to entertain and as a career. 

Our specialisation in offering Public Relations and, now, Publishing Rights services to artists has made us realise that most artists – including independent artists – have limited knowledge of the various revenue generating streams available to them other than continuously producing music, being brand ambassadors, and making appearances in concerts. 

In that regard, we have established a suitable collaboration with Ong’anya Ombo Advocates, a law firm specialising in Media, Entertainment, Fashion and Intellectual Property Rights, to provide selected pro bono services to a specific group of independent artists in Africa, North America, the United Kingdom and parts of the European Union.

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates, at their discretion in defining the service scope, will offer pro bono advisory services on specific issues about copyright, image rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights, scope of publishing rights, contract reviews, composer agreements, music licensing, collaboration rights, and preproduction contracts.

In most instances, the independent artists who are working with us under the Public Relations and, now, Publishing Rights category, will always have direct access to Ong’anya Ombo Advocates on non-conflicting matters. Also, other artists interested in the pro bono program, will be referred to the law firm by AfroWay Entertainment.

To engage in the ‘Creative Masterminds Program’, please contact: masterminds@afrowayent.com or +254 748 659 359 or +254 748 737 112.

Mabinda James 
Head Creatives & Branding
Contact: jmabinda@afrowayent.com
AfroWay Entertainment
Date: July 06, 2020   

Ombo Malumbe
Corporate & Commercial
Contact: om@onganyaombo.com
Ong’anya Ombo Advocates
Date: July 06, 2020

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Press Contact:
Musungu Okach 
Phone: +254 726290980
Email: mokach@afrowayent.com 
Website: www.AfroWayEnt.com 
Afroway Entertainment

About Afroway Entertainment:
Afroway Entertainment (https://AfroWayEnt.com) is a business entity registered in Kenya that specialises in everything digital; publishing, advertising and marketing with a keen eye on entertainment.

Our flagship brands are AfroWay (The Indigos’ Gourmet magazine) and Afroway Marketplace (e-commerce). Our specialty is in offering uniquely curated entertainment content on Africa and other Afro-cultures by promoting an Indigos Culture art and what we define as good music, Jazz Soul and Hip Hop. Our content coverage extends to Business Technology.

AfroWay is the gourmet magazine designed to reach out to both the new audience and established fans. Our brands are appreciated by Indigos, and we say it loud we are Indigos and we consume only what is best!
About Ong'anya Ombo Advocates:
Ong'anya Ombo Advocates (https://OnganyaOmbo.com) is a legal specialist law firm that focuses on strategic litigation and offering advisory services to Clients in Kenya, Africa, the European Union – with extension to Australia, and the United States of America.

As we offer our services, we combine the traditional and innovative means to dispense our services to our respective Clients'.

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AfroWay launches ‘Creative Masterminds,’ A Legal Knowledge Program that aims at Diversifying & Enhancing Revenue Streams for Artists
Afroway Entertainment
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