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Call for Applications from The French Ministry of Culture

Call for Applications from The French Ministry of Culture

This policy responds to the priority objective of promoting cultural diversity that France has set for itself and enables a lasting constitution of exchanges between high-level French and foreign professionals in order to maintain a network of professionals close to France and to initiate cooperative projects.

1. Presentation of Programmes for hosting foreign cultural professionals
The offer of programmes is placed under a common label: “Currents of the World” and comes in the following three categories:

  • The “Culture Itinerary” programme: collective thematic seminar (15 days)
  • The “Culture Stay” programme: a semi-individualised programme aimed at accompanying the setting up of a concrete project (5 to 15 days)
  • The “Residency culture” programme: individual immersion programme in a cultural structure or local authority (1 to 3 months)

2. Programming 2020

2.1 “Culture Itinerary”:

  • For Spanish-speaking professionals: a seminar organised from 8 to 19 June 2020 (application deadline: 14 February 2020) on the theme “Cultural structures at the service of territorial development”.
  • For English-speaking professionals: a seminar organised from 8 to 19 June 2019 (application deadline: 14 February 2020) on the theme “What digital strategy for a cultural structure”.
  • For French-speaking professionals: three seminars organised from 12 to 23 October 2020 (application deadline: 15 May 2020)
  • Culture and Youth in Africa
  • Audience development in cultural structures
  • Library seminar (to be specified).

2.2 “Cultural Stay”:

  • For English-speaking professionals, the stays will take place from 11 to 20 May 2020 (deadline for application: 14 February 2020).
  • For French-speaking professionals, the stays will take place from 16 to 26 November 2020 (application deadline: 15 May 2020).

2.3 “Cultural Residence”:
Internships can take place throughout the year depending on the availability of the host structure (applications closed for the year 2020).
Call for applications and detailed presentation sheets for each programme, specifying their content, objectives and the desired profile of participants, will be distributed for each call for applications.

3. Procedures for submitting applications and support for foreign professionals
The application files, which can be downloaded from the Ministry of Culture website (www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Thematiques/Europe-et-international/Accueil-et-formation), must be completed by the candidates and validated (with a detailed opinion) by the French Embassy or Institute of each candidate’s country of residence.
The deadline for the return of applications is set according to each programme as indicated above.

The Ministry of Culture covers the candidates’ living expenses in France (accommodation and meals), internal travel and teaching expenses. Transportation to France will be the responsibility of the candidates, their employers or other partners.

The Ministry of Culture is currently considering how to dematerialize the application procedure as of 2021.

4. Animation of the network of alumni of the Ministry of Culture’s hosting programmes
The Ministry of Culture is particularly attentive to the follow-up of foreign professionals who have benefited from these programmes. An alumni platform was launched in December 2018.
In the future, each participant will be given access codes to this platform upon arrival in France.
The Ministry of Culture invites French Posts and Institutes that wish to promote, on a national scale, the networks of foreign cultural professionals hosted in France, with their indispensable support, to get closer to it. The Ministry of Culture’s leadership of this network, on an international scale, can usefully be supplemented by specific support for the posts and/or follow-up of these professionals in existing Clubs France (or similar initiatives).

The Cooperation and Cultural affairs, Instituts français and Alliances françaises can contact the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture through the following address: contact-international@culture.gouv.fr, for all questions on the offers of hosting and training of foreign professionals or go through the chargés de mission by geographical area, their usual contacts.

The Ministry of Culture once again thanks the Department and the network of cooperation and cultural action for the wide dissemination of this 2020 offer and the presentation of the applications they are willing to make.

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