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RS Components adds food grade machinery maintenance line

RS Components adds food grade machinery maintenance line

RS Components (RS) (https://Africa.RSDelivers.com), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global multi-channel provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions, has launched a new range of RS Pro food grade maintenance products for use in the food processing and catering sector. All RS Pro food grade products (https://bit.ly/2EJBLkX) are registered with the NSF (National Sanitisation Foundation) International, an international public health and safety organisation, demonstrating risk reduction compliance.

The handling, preparation, processing and packaging of food products require machinery with moving parts that come into contact with foodstuffs. Keeping this equipment clean and lubricated involves the use of non-food chemical products. NSF certification ensures that such products present a significantly lowered risk to health, and, in conjunction with a robust HACCP assessment, may effectively eliminate the risk of contmination to foodstuffs when used appropriately

RS Pro Foam Cleaner (https://bit.ly/2W92nBF), used to remove general grime and soiling from machinery, is a stable foam that clings to vertical surfaces without dripping. It is safe for use on plastics, is biodegradable, and is certified as NSF category A1 (general cleaner for use in all areas).

RS Pro Solvent Cleaner (https://bit.ly/2JYQBZd) is a heavy-duty solvent with a powerful spray action and good wetting properties for difficult degreasing applications. It evaporates quickly leaving zero residue. It is certified as NSF A8, (degreaser/carbon remover for use in all areas) and K1 (cleaner/degreaser for use in non-food-processing areas).

RS Pro Bearing Grease (https://bit.ly/2KoEsfs) is a translucent multipurpose grease for applications not subject to extreme operating conditions, including end-of-line conveyor lubrication and low-load drive motor bearings. RS Pro Chain Oil (https://bit.ly/2WAhd8E), formulated with PTFE, foams on application to cling to chains and penetrate deep into links, providing long lasting lubrication and corrosion resistance. Both are certified as NSF H1 (lubricants suitable for use with incidental food contact).

RS Pro Belt Spray (NSF H1) (https://bit.ly/2IcJ4SX) is an adhesive belt lubricant that improves grip on drive belts, reducing squeak and prolonging belt life. A tacky lubricating film increases pulling power and prevents belt slip. RS Pro Lube Oil (NSF H1) (https://bit.ly/2QIz6N5) creates an effective anti-friction film and provides rust protection. RS Pro Dry Lube (NSF H1) (https://bit.ly/2KlnCxT) is a dry lubricant for moving parts where an oily or silicone lubricant cannot be used. It deposits a dry, non-staining PTFE film, resistant to oil and water. RS Pro Silicone Spray (NSF H1) (https://bit.ly/2JP0GYk) reduces friction on packaging equipment, and inhibits the build-up of adhesive residues on surfaces.

RS Pro Penetrating Spray (NSF H1) (https://bit.ly/2ELIGKk) is a fast-acting penetrating oil that helps to remove seized fasteners without damaging the head or thread.

RS Pro Label Remover (https://bit.ly/2ELIF9e) allows removal of packaging and transport labels from shipping containers, plastic boxes and processing equipment. It is certified as NSF K3 (adhesive/glue remover suitable for use in all areas).

According to Reshmee Beedasie of FoodTek Solutions, health and safety are top priorities for the food and drink industries. “With the emergence and implementation of international food safety standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and ISO222000 Food Safety Management Systems Standards, the food industry has tools to proactively identify, analyze and manage food safety risks,” she said.

Reshmee also added that hazard control in food processing reduces the potential for contamination from both biological agents such as disease causing and spoilage micro organisms and chemical agents like toxins and carcinogens that could possibly arise from the food stuffs coming into direct contact with food contact surfaces that have lubricants and grease on them.

“The use of registered food grade lubricants and grease products are critical in preventing food borne hazards from occuring and the RS Components Product Range does just that,” she added.

These RS Pro food grade maintenance products are rigorously tested to meet demanding industry standards and come with a three-year warranty along with the RS Pro Seal of Approval. They are now available from RS Components for delivery across Sub-Saharan Africa (https://Africa.RSDelivers.com).

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of RS Components.

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RS Components adds food grade machinery maintenance line

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