Africanews RSS free and in real-time all news published by, by subscribing to our RSS feeds.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:24:58 +0000 Senegalese film industry seeing notable evolution"Senegal is part of, and I think it’s true for all of Africa, it’s part of those countries where you put your camera down and immediately something happens, the colors are extraordinary." Kery James, French actor and rapper Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:24:58 (Rédaction Africanews) Africa may sponsor Tottenham Hotspur in 48 million euro deal hopes to boost tourism and, according to official documents seen by the Daily Maverick newspaper, the deal is on "the verge of being finalised.”Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:23:45 (Rédaction Africanews) Guinea gains its first female prime minister Roka Botey had been the Minister for National Education, University Education and Sports since August 2020.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 11:56:53 (Rédaction Africanews) goes up after IMF pressures Cameroon to end price subsidy litre of diesel that used to cost Cameroonians 575 CFA francs (0.87 euros) will now go up to 720 CFA francs (1.09 euros).Wed, 01 Feb 2023 11:22:53 (Daniel Bellamy) Madagascar fans proud of team despite semifinal loss to Senegal"I am very proud to be Barea. It is the first time we are competing and we reached the semi final, we the Malagasy. We should be amazed by these players. They went very far, they aimed high. We should not be sad. We’ll do better next time." Fanomezana Razafindratsimba, Madagascar fan Wed, 01 Feb 2023 11:08:33 (Rédaction Africanews) national killed in Ethiopia’s tense Oromia region Chinese national was killed in the Oromia region, Beijing’s embassy in Addis Ababa has said, ordering its citizens to evacuate from high-risk areas.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 10:52:00 (Rédaction Africanews) fuel, no cash: conjunction of crises weigh on Nigerians ahead of Feb. 25 vote"In Nigeria nowadays, we queue for everything. You queue for PVC, you queue for fuel, you queue for new nairas notes, the traffic again, coupled with the traffic in the islands and the mainland. It's terrible, we are going through hell," a motorist lamented.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 10:29:48 (Rédaction Africanews) Senegal secures win to join Algeria in final Senegalese qualified Tuesday night (Jan. 31) by beating Madagascar 1-0. This ended the Barea historic odyssey. It was indeed the first time a Malagasy national team reached this stage of any continental event. In the other semi-final, Algeria crushed Niger 5-0. Final will take place on Feb. 4.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 07:57:10 (Rédaction Africanews) Congolese welcome Pope Francis to their capital Kinshasa of thousands of people lined the main road into the capital, Kinshasa, to welcome Francis after he landed at the airport on Tuesday.Wed, 01 Feb 2023 11:00:16 (Rédaction Africanews) Francis in DRC on a "mission of peace" Francis arrived in the DRC on a "mission of peace" and met Congolese president Felix TshisekediTue, 31 Jan 2023 21:16:14 (Rédaction Africanews) Sudan prepares to welcome Pope Francis the DRC, Pope Francis will visit Juba, the capital of South Sudan, on FridayTue, 31 Jan 2023 21:04:52 +0000editorial@africanews.com's Trevor Noah returns as Grammy host with comfort and nervousness returns for his third hosting stint at the Grammys, which airs live from Arena on Sunday (Feb. 5) . The ceremony will be back to Los Angeles after relocating to Las Vegas for the first-time ever because of rising COVID-19 cases and omicron variant.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 18:19:58 (Rédaction Africanews) meeting warns of escalating tensions in Eswatini President Hage Geingob, head of SADC's Defence and Security Organ warned against the escalation of tensions in Africa's last absolute monarchyWed, 01 Feb 2023 07:57:50 +0000editorial@africanews.com advocates broadening the investor base hosted this year, for the second time, the Public Securities Market Meetings (REMTP). This major event focused on the issues and challenges of the regional sovereign debt market and aimed to help position the market as a real investment option.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 17:48:21 (Wahany Johnson SAMBOU) Ivorian drum held in France about to be returned home sacred Djidji Ayokwe drum was used to communicate warning messages up to thirty kilometres around villagesTue, 31 Jan 2023 17:18:02 +0000editorial@africanews.com Algeria edges closer to dream final at home, Madagascar & Senegal eye last spot is playing Niger on Tuesday (Jan. 31) in the 7th African Nations Championship (CHAN). The Algerians took an early lead during the first (4-0). In another semi-final tonight, Senegal will face Madagascar.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 17:24:02 (Rédaction Africanews) million people at risk of hunger in horn of Africa due to drought"Due to the drought, my child did not receive appropriate medical service. We were too busy coping with the drought, saving the livestock, and thinking of the family's survival. All these issues aggravated the condition of my child." Dhool Ali Duale, mother Tue, 31 Jan 2023 16:41:20 (Rédaction Africanews) violence intesifies in Burkina as militants kill nearly 30 in 2 days people have died in new attacks by suspected jihadists in Burkina Faso, including 15 who had been abducted at the weekend, the authorities said Tuesday (Jan. 31). Violence linked to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group has killed thousands of people and forced around 2 million to flee.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 16:25:48 (Rédaction Africanews) groups urge probe into death of Rwandan journalist and media groups urged Rwanda on Tuesday (Jan. 31) to conduct an independent and impartial probe into the death of journalist and government critic John Williams Ntwali. Rwandan police spokesman said his accident case file had been transmitted to the prosecution, declining to futher comment.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 15:56:22 (Rédaction Africanews) Francis lands in DR Congo, welcomed with joy Francis visit to Africa includes a trip to South Sudan later in the weekTue, 31 Jan 2023 16:01:57 +0000editorial@africanews.com president plays down record low turnout in elections nearly 90%, it was the highest level of abstention since the 2011 revolution in TunisiaTue, 31 Jan 2023 15:29:33 +0000editorial@africanews.com urge Pope to sanction DR Congo priest accused of sex abuse"It’s a serious case," Tim Law, founder of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), told a press conference in Kinshasa, where his NGO is seeking to give a voice to victims of sexual abuse by predators in the clergy.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 15:39:47 (Rédaction Africanews) athlete Georgina Rono gets four year ban for doping four year ban for Kenyan runner Georgina Rono for evading a doping test. Rono had podium finishes at the Eindhoven and Frankfurt Marathons.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 15:13:10 (Rédaction Africanews) suffers cash shortage as state gears towards cashless economy's push to replace the local currency notes with newly designed ones is creating an economic crisis, experts warned Monday, Jan. 30, 2023. The situation is aggravated by an imposed cap on cash withdrawals hurting many people and businesses across the West African nation.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 14:06:21 (Rédaction Africanews) ready to host Club World Cup grips football supporters as Morocco prepares to host the Club World Cup from February 1stTue, 31 Jan 2023 13:41:34 +0000editorial@africanews.com to charge one suspect over killing of gay rights activist A suspect on Tuesday (Jan. 31) faced a murder charge in the killing of Edwin Chiloba, with authorities dismissing suggestions that it was a hate crime.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 13:27:19 (Rédaction Africanews) you do not know about pope Francis' previous visits to Africa his election in 2013, the head of the Catholic Church has made four trips to the continent and visited eight countries. He'll kick off Tuesday (Jan.31) his 40th international trip that will see him tour DRC and South Sudan.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 12:26:38 (Lauriane Noelle Vofo Kana) President George Weah to seek re-election"As we stand here today, let me assure you that, the state of our nation is strong! The state of our nation is stable! The state of our nation is vibrant! The state of our nation is youthful! The state of our nation is peaceful and secure. We intend to keep it this way." George Weah, Liberia presideTue, 31 Jan 2023 13:01:01 (Rédaction Africanews) Zimbabwe: Belarus Alexander Lukashenko arrives for 3-day visit“The relations between Zimbabwe and Belarus are excellent and extremely important to Zimbabwe. You are aware that Belarus has supported Zimbabwe in the form, in the transport sector in respect of buses, in the agricultural sector in respect of tractors ... " Godwills Masimirembwa, Zanu PF Chairman Tue, 31 Jan 2023 11:07:41 (Rédaction Africanews) Nichols' murder has reignited demands for a change in police culture in the US Nichols' fatal encounter with police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, recorded in video made public Friday night (Jan. 27), is a glaring reminder of the pervasive anti-Black violence in the US. Fresh calls demand the reform of policing in order to prevent more tragedies.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 11:08:25 (Rédaction Africanews) in Niger leaves children in limbo Niger, with half the population under the age of 15, four out of 10 children are not registered at birth due to a lack of state infrastructure, old habits, or simply a lack of knowledge of the law. Tue, 31 Jan 2023 09:49:45 +0000editorial@africanews.com's capital, Kinshasa, ready to welcome Pope Francis addition to the authorities, Pope Francis will meet victims of violence, displaced persons, members of the clergy and representatives of charitiesTue, 31 Jan 2023 09:57:02 +0000editorial@africanews.com express little hope one day after elections figures suggest the abstention rate reached nearly 89%Tue, 31 Jan 2023 09:11:22 +0000editorial@africanews.com Ambassador to the UN urges donors to help Somalia of thousands of people are thought to have already died in the drought in the Horn of AfricaTue, 31 Jan 2023 09:50:39 +0000editorial@africanews.com gearing up for the Harlem fine arts show 15th anniversary".... it's the only show of its kind of this magnitude. We have so many artists from all over the world coming. So many Harlem artists are at the center of it. And it is very important because as the audience probably knows, there's plenty of art expos all over the major cities. Ademola OlugebefolaTue, 31 Jan 2023 09:42:42 (Rédaction Africanews) investigators finally see breakthrough in murder mystrey people in the cotton-growing town of Fana have been decapitated since 2018, sparking fears of ritual killings.Mon, 30 Jan 2023 15:58:18 (Rédaction Africanews) African judge on Zuma's corruption case recuses himself judge in the corruption trial of former South African President Jacob Zuma announced Monday at a hearing that he would recuse himself from the case, risking the case going back to court.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 09:43:28 (Rédaction Africanews) US secretary of state Anthony Blinken speaks to young people in Cairo".... 60% of the population in Egypt of course, is 25 years old or younger, so this is an incredibly dynamic and youthful place. It's important for us not just to engage government to government, as important as that is, but to engage with every segment of society and again,.. " Antony BlinkenMon, 30 Jan 2023 14:20:11 (Rédaction Africanews) Geoffrey Soupe wins 16th edition of the Tropicale in Gabon Tropicale Amissa Bongo took place in five of the nine provinces of GabonTue, 31 Jan 2023 10:23:11 +0000editorial@africanews.com South Africa will not ditch coal 'just like that' but energy-starved South Africa will not immediately abandon its fossil-fuelled electricity generating plants as it transitions to cleaner forms of power, President Cyril Ramaphosa said Sunday.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 10:34:47 (Rédaction Africanews) in Horn of Africa threatens nomadic herders, Somalia and Kenya are facing the worst drought in four decadesMon, 30 Jan 2023 13:25:57 +0000editorial@africanews.com of Africa drought drives over 22 million people to hunger southern Ethiopia to northern Kenya and Somalia, around 22 million people are at risk of hunger as the worst drought in four decades grips the Horn of Africa.Mon, 30 Jan 2023 13:18:03 (Rédaction Africanews) on the loose in South Africa successfully captured African animal welfare officials on Monday successfully sedated and captured a tiger that was spotted roaming a residential area to the east of the capital Johannesburg.Tue, 31 Jan 2023 09:53:01 (Rédaction Africanews) underway in South Africa African police has launched an investigation into the killing of eight people attending a birthday party on SundayMon, 30 Jan 2023 20:08:47 (Rédaction Africanews) | Sorghum, a forgotten ancestral grain from Burundi you heard of the grain sorghum? Burundian chef Jeanne Cimpaye discovered it in a refugee camp and has been cooking it in her restaurant since. She tells us her story and how she’s reintroducing the ingredient into Burundian cuisine.Mon, 30 Jan 2023 11:33:32 +0000editorial@africanews.com people dead after trucks crash into commuters in Nigeria's south separate road crashes involving trucks in southern Nigeria left 20 people dead including children, authorities said Sunday, with many of the victims burned beyond recognition.Mon, 30 Jan 2023 11:07:46 (Rédaction Africanews) storm in Madagascar: At least 25 dead, roads flooded and crops destroyed"The population suffers from the torrential rains that raise the water level of the river. All our crops are devastated, the rice we just planted, the cassava, the sweet potatoes... Nothing is salvageable! We are suffering!" Lalao, farmerMon, 30 Jan 2023 10:40:43 (Rédaction Africanews) reopens embassy in Iraq after an 18-year absence a historic visit by a Moroccan official to Iraq over the week-end (Jan.28-29), the Kingdom's top diplomat announced the reopening of its embassy in Baghdad, and signed a memorandum of understanding.Mon, 30 Jan 2023 10:40:50 (Rédaction Africanews) opposition calls for unity against the President after low election turnout 80% percent of Tunisians did not voted Sunday (Jan. 29) in the 2nd round of legislative polls prompting the country's main opposition coalition to call a united front against president Kais Saied. Mon, 30 Jan 2023 08:28:36 (Rédaction Africanews) the heroic stories of ancient African history (Inspire Africa) interview on this episode highlights Kunda Kids, the children's publishing and media platform telling ancient African history. Louisa and Dele Olafuyi tell us how their work is widening diversity in children's literature. Also, the story of the young Congolese female referee integrated by FIFA..Mon, 30 Jan 2023 13:30:07 (Rédaction Africanews)