Africanews RSS free and in real-time all news published by, by subscribing to our RSS feeds.Tue, 14 Aug 2018 07:54:19 +0000Egypt's Sisi deeply concerned over security in the Red Sea after attack on oil tankers’s president Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Monday expressed deep concern over security in the Red Sea following an attack by Yemen’s Houthis on two oil tankers that forced Saudi Arabia to temporarily suspend crude shipments through the strait of Bab al-Mandab. Speaking at a joint news conference with his Yemeni counterpart, the Egyptian President also said Cairo was committed to helping Yemen regain its security after over three years of war that killed thousands of people. “We categorically deny that Yemen would become a foothold for the influence of non-Arab forces, or a platform for security and stability threats against the brotherly Arab countries or freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait,” Sisi said, speaking alongside President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. In July, Saudi Arabia temporarily halted oil shipments through Bab al-Mandab citing security concerns after Iran-aligned Yemen’s Houthis attacked two oil tankers in the Red Sea near the strait with missiles, damaging one vessel. Saudi Arabia resumed oil shipments through the strait several days later, but the incident has highlighted the magnitude of the situation in the area, where fighting between the Houthis and supporters of Hadi’s government has been raging since 2015. ReutersTue, 14 Aug 2018 07:54:19 +0000editorial@africanews.com Mrs Buhari dedicates honorary degree to Nigerian women, children of the Nigerian president, Aisha Buhari, has dedicated an honourary degree she received on Monday to women and children in Africa’s most populous nation. A new media aide to her husband tweeted photos of Mrs Buhari receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (Honoris causa.) The honour was conferred on her by Sun Moon University in the South Korean city of Asan. The trained beautician is known to undertake social programs aimed at bettering the lot of women and children though her non-governmental organization, Future Assured. Mrs Buhari dedicates ‘Brussels award’ to Nigerian army and elements of peace In October 2016, she dedicated an award she received in Brussels to the Nigerian army and to people who were engaged in the war to restore peace in the country. She delivered an opening remark under the theme, ‘Women’s Role in Global Security’ during the Women’s Froum Crans Montana event held in Brussels. Mrs Buhari said, ‘‘I whole-heartedly dedicate this award presented to me by the Belgian deputy Prime Minister …. to the Nigerian Military men and women who have lost their lives and those at the war front battling to restore peace.’‘ Nigeria’s northeast is home to Boko Haram insurgency that continues to claim lives and result in the destruction of property. Mrs Buhari hails from Adamawa State, one of those affected by the insurgency. The other two are Borno State and Yobe State.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 22:39:51 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) delegation in Somalia to deepen bilateral relations Eritrean government delegation arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Monday to hold high-level meetings. The delegation headed by Foreign Affairs minister Osman Saleh and presidential advisor Yemane Gebreab met with Prime Minister Hassan Khayre who received them on arrival in Mogadishu. Later in the afternoon, the team met with President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed who according to reports briefed them on progress of Somalia’s domestic and external challenges. President Mohamed further reaffirmed Somalia’s commitment to the Joint Declaration signed by both countries and outlined priorities for its implementation. The said declaration was signed during a historic official visit to Asmara in July 2018. Eritrea’s delegation delivered a message from President Isaias Afwerki to his Somali counterpart. The Somali PM participated in the meeting. Eritrean FM Osman Saleh and Presidential adviser, Yemane Gebreab arrive in Mogadishu for high level talks, following President Farmajo’s recent visit to Asmara. Regional cooperation for stability and economic progress is crucial for common prosperity of the Horn. #nabadiyonolol— SomaliPM (@SomaliPM) August 13, 2018 The Somalia – Eritrea thaw in relations comes after that of Ethiopia and Eritrea, which event saw about two decades of hostilities normalized. Diplomatic and security watchers say a remaining diplomatic tension in the region is between Djibouti and Eritrea. The two nations have a border disagreement with Djibouti insisting that Eritrea still holds some Djiboutian soldiers.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 22:17:43 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) threatens to ban Ghana over govt meddling in football’s world governing body, FIFA, has warned the government of Ghana over plans to liquidate the Ghana Football Association (GFA) following a corruption scandal led by an investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. In a statement issued on August 13, 2018; and signed by FIFA General-Secretary Fatma Samoura, the body said it was particularly worried about government’s undue interference in the affairs of the GFA in clear contravention to FIFA statutes. The statement read in part, “Under these circumstances, the Bureau based on article 16 paragraph 1 of the FIFA statutes decided on 11 August 2018 that if the petition to start the liquidation process of the GFA is not withdrawn by Monday, 27 August 2018 at 12h00 (CET), the GFA will be suspended with immediate effect. “The suspension would be lifted only once the above-mentioned petition is withdrawn and FIFA is given written proof thereof,” the statement added. The letter was addressed to head of a Ghana government liaison team that was tasked to hold talks with FIFA to avert a ban after government suspended local football activities. One June 12, 2018, an Accra High Court placed an interim injunction on the activities of the GFA following an application by the Attorney General. A month later, another High Court in Accra ordered that members, directors and officers of the GFA be restrained from exercising their powers in relation to the body’s activities. It also appointed a state body as liquidator. All local football activities have been grounded since June this year after the investigative piece revealed corruption on the part of match officials across the football chain. The GFA president at the time, who was on FIFA and CAF committees, Kwesi Nyantakyi, was also involved in corrupt practices as captured on tape. he has since been suspended from football activities as a probe continues into the allegations.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 22:27:12 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) activists condemn mob action, violence during rally in Oromia and famed Ethiopian activists took to social media in condemnation of mob violence over the weekend in the Oromia region’s town of Shashememe. Reports by local portals indicate that four people were killed during a public gathering organized to welcome a top pro-democracy activist, Jawar Mohammed. Three people died as a result of a stampede at the entrance of Shashemene stadium – venue of the rally, while another died after having been mob-lynched by a group who authorities say were acting based on fake news that the car he was driving was carrying a bomb. Jawar, who is also Executive Director of the privately-owned Oromia Media Network recently returned to the country to engage in peaceful political process following ongoing government reforms. The Addis Standard news portal said a vehicle the victim of the mob-lynching was driving was also set on fire. They quoted top Oromia officials as confirming that the car belonged to the Shashemene city administration and security department which was on patrol duty and that it did not carry any explosives. A government that have lost the monopoly of violence, incapable of guaranteeing security, and allows crowd justice cannot hope to bring democracy. There can be no democracy under conditions of anarchy. Get a grip. #Shashamanne #Ethiopia— Awol Allo (@awolallo) August 12, 2018 But selective outrage on social media and thinly veiled Oromophobia surely can’t take us very far. Barbaric acts of few deranged individuals doesn’t represent the entire Qeerroo or Oromo. We should be able to condemn this despicable act without blaming an entire group.— Mohammed Ademo (@OPride) August 13, 2018 Uncontrolled #Qeerroo authority in #Oromia should be tapped. The ‘monopoly of force’ should be in the hands of a responsible government what so ever. What happened in Shashemene today is barbaric and unacceptable. This is not good for president Lemma and PM Abiy either.— BefeQadu Z. Hailu (@befeqe) August 12, 2018 So now we lost 3 people for a peaceful gathering. Does this make sense for you guys ?? #Ethiopia #Shashemene ?— Soli ? (@Soli_GM) August 12, 2018 What happened in shashamanne is despicable, inhumane, is an affront to everything we are as a community, our sacrifices as a society, & our aspirations as a country. We all should condemn it wherever we are. Shame!— Fatuma Bedaso (@FBedaso) August 12, 2018Mon, 13 Aug 2018 22:16:27 +0000editorial@africanews.com police says MP's guard likely killed by stray bullet in Uganda have averred that a police guard of a legislator who was shot dead on Monday evening may have died as a result of a stray bullet. As at midnight of Monday, the police had yet to issue an official statement on the incident which reportedly started after an attack on the president’s convoy in Arua. There is a bye-election in the area making it a hotbed of political activity in the country. Yasin Kawooya, the slain police guard was detailed to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. West Nile police spokesperson, Josephine Angucia speaking to NTV via phone also confirmed that over thirty people including lawmakers had been arrested especially with relation on the attack on President Yoweri Museveni’s vehicle. “About thirty-four people have been arrested, many of them are from outside Arua, they are MPs from Njiri, Kampala and so on. A number of people from outside, they are the ones who we actually arrested and they are the ones in that convoy which stoned the presidential lead car. “As I speak all of them are in our custody, we don’t know if among them there are journalists. Screening will be done so as to establish the truth of the matter,” she added. Bobi Wine, an opposition lawmaker, was reportedly supporting independent candidate Kassiano Wadri. President Museveni was also in Arua campaigning for the ruling National Resistance Movement’s Nusura Tiperu.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 23:08:41 +0000editorial@africanews.com president attacked, MP's guard shot dead ahead of bye-election senior press secretary to Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said on Monday evening that the president’s car came under attack by opposition supporters in the town of Arua, where a bye-election is to hold on Wednesday. Phtos shared by Don Wanyama showed that the rear mirror of the president’s Toyota V8 had been smashed in the attack. He did not comment whether the president was hurt or not. President KagutaMuseveni</a> car that was hit by opposition supporters this evening in Arua town. The police will issue a statement on this incident shortly. <a href="">nbstv newvisionwire</a> <a href="">DenisNabz FrankTumwebazek</a> <a href="">mollykamukama JustineLumumba</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Don Wanyama (nyamadon) August 13, 2018 The information came barely an hour after a popular lawmaker, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine, posted on Twitter that police had attempted to kill him. “Police have shot my driver dead thinking they’ve shot at me. My hotel is now cordoned off by police and SFC,” he wrote on Twitter with a photo of his driver slumped in the front seat. Local media portals are reporting that Bobi Wine has been taken into police custody along with a fellow lawmaker. Bobi Wine, an opposition lawmaker, was reportedly supporting independent candidate Kassiano Wadri. President Museveni was also in Arua campaigning for the ruling National Resistance Movement’s Nusura Tiperu. The driver of HEBobiwine</a> has been shot dead in Arua. Kawooya Yasin was killed in a cross fire that characterized the end of the campaigns for Arua Municipality seat where Kyagulanyi was campaigning for Kassiano Wadri. <a href="">#NBSLiveAt9</a> <a href="">#NBSUpdates</a> <a href="">#NBSFocusOnArua</a></p>&mdash; NBS Television (nbstv) August 13, 2018Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:40:22 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban)'s Liyu police blamed for deadly attacks in Oromia region death of about 40 people in Ethiopia’s Oromia region at the weekend is being blamed on the Liyu Police, regional paramilitary force that belongs to the adjoining Somali regional state. Local media portals including the trusted Addis Standard portal said the deadly attack by the Liyu Police took place in three seperate localities in Oromia’s East Haharghe Zone. Negeri Lencho, spokesman for the Oromia state administration confirmed the attack and also pointed to the Liyu police: “The victims were all ethnic Oromos. The perpetrators were members of a paramilitary force.” Addis Standard’s report detailed the circumstances and periods the attacks took place. It went further to cite corresponding news reports from the BBC’s Afaan Oromo service and of medical personnel handling some of the wounded persons. The report quotes an official of the locality (Mayu Muluke) worst affected by the violence as putting the death toll at 37 with over 44 others having sustained varied degrees of injury. The report added that a Mayu Muluke town police officer by name Mohammed Aliyi said the attack was a military assault by members of Ethiopia’s controversial Liyu Police “for reasons we are not clear with yet.” Before Negeri Lencho’s confirmation of the attack, Oromia region’s justice bureau communication head, Taye Dendea had confirmed the incident via his Facebook page on Sunday. At the time he reported that 31 people had been killed, of whom five were women. Children and the elderly were among the victims. Oromia officials stressed however that they were doing all it takes to restore security and to bring a lasting solution. The two regional states – Oromia and Somali – share a common border which spans several kilometers. Ethnically motivated clashes have often led to deaths and massive displacements on both sides. The Liyu police under the command of the Somali region have been blamed for cross border raids whiles militias from the Oromia side have also acted in same measure as retaliation. The Liyu police made the news last week when their former leader and president of the Somali regional state, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, was forced to resign amid a standoff between regional and federal forces. News went around that government was to disarm the unit but late in the week, it was said that federal forces were to team up with the Liyu police to restore peace to the Somali regional capital Jijiga and other parts of the state.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 17:23:13 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) of the day, August 13, 2018 samples the pictures of the day’s news.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 16:26:28 +0000editorial@africanews.com U17 qualifiers: CAF disqualifies 11 overage players [Football Planet] Nigeria winger, Emmanuel Amuneke, was on Monday named Tanzania national team coach on a two-year deal. The 1994 African Cup of Nations winner was unveiled at a press conference by Tanzania Football Federation and will be in charge of the Taifa Stars alongside local assistants and trainers. I'm ready for this new fresh challenge as Head Coach of The Tanzania National Football Team. Thanks to the Tanzania Football Federation for their confidence. The ideas have what football requires. Let's start to work hard #amuneke #serengetibeer #kcbbank #vodacom #azamtv #TFF— Emmanuel Amuneke (@AmunekeEmma9496) August 7, 2018 The 2019 U-17 African Cup of Nations CECAFA qualifiers got underway in Tanzania on Sunday. Only one team will advance from the qualifiers, from the CECAFA zone, to join the other continental qualifiers at the 2019 U-17 AFCON, slated for May 12-26 2019 in Tanzania. At the same time, the Confederation of African Football has disqualified 11 overage players ahead of the start of the 2019 U-17 African Cup of Nations CECAFA qualifiers. According to CAF, MRI tests have proved that certain players are overage and not eligible for the tournament. In this episode we spoke to Jeff Kinyanjui, a sports journalist in Nairobi Kenya. He shares his views on ‘age fraud’ that has been rampant in African youth championships. In April 2013, nine players were excluded from the African Under-17 Championship in Morocco after MRI wrist scans showed them to be over the age limit. BREAKING NEWS: CAF pounces on age-cheats at U17 AFCON qualifier in Tanzania. Most affected: KEN (3 players), UGA (3), TAN (2), BUR (1), RWA (1), SSD (1), UD (1). Only fully compliant DJI, ETH kwalimwadavid</a> <a href="">FERWAFA Tanfootball</a> <a href="">MistaWahome CAF_Online</a> <a href="">UEFA OfficialFUFA</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Voice of Sport (vos_africa) August 11, 2018 Still on the under 17s Cameroon were crowned champion of the tournament of the Union of Central African Football Federations, after the final played on Sunday against the republic of Congo, at the Malabo Stadium in Equatorial Guinea. Dutch legends Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert were last week unveiled as Cameroon national team head and assistant coach respectively. The duo signed a four-year contract with the continental champions ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations on home soil next year and are tasked to win the tournament. The duo is tasked with qualifying the Indomitable Lions for the 2021 Afcon and 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar. Follow @muisyo_Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:17:41 (Victor Muisyo) Mnangagwa's party to respond to Chamisa's court challenge by Wednesday legal secretary of Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party, Paul Mangwana has said its lawyers would respond to the opposition’s court challenge of the election results by Wednesday. Mangwana who had previously said he was convinced the opposition ‘have no case’ spoke on Monday, when the country was celebrating Heroes Day. President Emmerson Mnangagwa, while officiating the national ceremony, urged Zimbabweans to unite to rebuild the economy. In his first national address since being declared winner in a disputed presidential vote, Mnangagwa blamed the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for the post-voting violence that saw six people being killed after the army stepped in to quell post-election protests this month. “It is now time to put the election period behind us and embrace the future,” Mnangagwa said during Heroes Day commemorations in the capital Harare. “We should never be deterred by temporary setbacks or regrettable events which we encounter in our cause to build an open, free and democratic, prosperous Zimbabwe.” The July 30 election, the first since Robert Mugabe was forced to resign after a coup last November, was cast as a watershed vote that could pull a pariah state back into the international fold and spark an economic revival. But the violence that erupted after Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU-PF party won the national elections and the heavy-handed army response was another reminder that Zimbabwean society remains deeply divided even after Mugabe’s near four decades rule. Opposition confident of legal win MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and Mnangagwa’s main rival who has challenged the election result at the Constitutional Court said in a message to mark Heroes Day that Zimbabwe was a broken and divided nation that needed healing and reconciliation. ALSO READ: Zimbabwe defers presidential inauguration pending court challenge The vote, he said, had been held in a “scandalous” way. “We must resolutely do everything in our power under our constitution to say ‘No’ to fraud and repression either in our electoral politics or justice system,” Chamisa said. The Constitutional Court, whose decision is final, can uphold the result, declare a new winner, order a fresh election within 60 days or make any other ruling it deems fit. The court must rule within 14 days of an election challenge being lodged. The days do not include weekends and public holidays according to the court rules.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:59:48 (Daniel Mumbere) Wildlife officials kill hippo following deadly attack on Taiwan tourist Wildlife Service officers have neutralised a hippopotamus that attacked and killed a tourist from Taiwan who was taking photographs on the shore of Lake Naivasha, local media reported on Monday. The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Naivasha District Hospital, while another tourist survived the attack on Saturday evening, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said on Sunday. “We are tracking the hippo,” the service said on Twitter on Sunday. Nation media reported that Hell’s Gate Park warden Nelson Cheruiyot confirmed the tracking and killing of the deadly hippo. KWS OFFICERS have killed hippo that attacked and killed a tourist from Taiwan at Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate Park warden Nelson Cheruiyot says.— NationBreakingNews (@NationBreaking) August 13, 2018 KWS identified the dead man as Chang Ming Chuang, 66, and the survivor as Wu Peng Te, 62, and said they were from China but Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the two were from the self-ruled island. Several people have questioned the rationale of killing the hippo, which they say was provoked in ‘its natural habitat’. Deadly times in Naivasha The attacks brought to six the number of people who have been attacked and killed by hippos in Naivasha since the year began. Kenya’s the Star newspaper quoted the head of a boat owners’ association in Navaisha as saying higher-than-normal water levels were causing hippos to wander from the lake on to nearby farms and hotel properties searching for pasture. Naivasha is a city on the lake 90 km northwest of the capital, Nairobi. After a severe drought last year, Kenya had several months of heavy rain this year that caused serious flooding, including around Lake Naivasha.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 12:30:19 (Daniel Mumbere) launches first ever solar probe to 'touch the sun' on Sunday launched a probe that will head closer to the Sun than any other spacecraft before it. The Parker Solar Probe will endure wicked heat while zooming through the solar corona to study this outermost part of the stellar atmosphere that gives rise to the solar wind. The Probe, a robotic spacecraft the size of a small car, was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, for its planned seven-year mission. It is set to fly into the Sun’s corona within 3.8 million miles or 6.1 million km from the solar surface, seven times closer than any other spacecraft. The previous closest pass to the Sun was by a probe called Helios 2, which in 1976 came within 27 million miles or 43 million km. The average distance from the Sun for Earth is 93 million miles or 150 million km. The corona gives rise to the solar wind, a continuous flow of charged particles that permeates the solar system. Unpredictable solar winds cause disturbances in our planet’s magnetic field and can play havoc with communications technology on Earth. NASA hopes the findings will enable scientists to forecast changes in Earth’s space environment. The project, with a $1.5 billion price tag, is the first major mission under NASA’s Living With a Star programme. The probe is set to use seven Venus flybys over nearly seven years to steadily reduce its orbit around the Sun, using instruments designed to image the solar wind and study electric and magnetic fields, coronal plasma and energetic particles. NASA aims to collect data about the inner workings of the highly magnetized corona. The probe, named after American solar astrophysicist Eugene Newman Parker, will have to survive difficult heat and radiation conditions. It has been outfitted with a heat shield designed to keep its instruments at a tolerable 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius even as the spacecraft faces temperatures reaching nearly 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,370 degrees Celsius at its closest pass. ReutersMon, 13 Aug 2018 14:15:32 +0000editorial@africanews.com"Malika Warrior Queen": The rise of African super heroines! [This is Culture, TMC] is the latest character created by Roye Okupe, a Nigerian graphic designer and screenwriter, passionate about Afro Futurism. Malika’s character is openly inspired by the legend of Princess Amina de Zaria, also known as “the Warrior Queen”, who ruled over a large part of the Hausa territory in the 16th century. Roye Okupe has been living in the United States since 2002, where he founded Youneek Studios, a Comics publishing house whose all heroes are African. His focus is to create compelling and extraordinary characters and stories inspired by African history and culture, to convey a positive representation of the continent that is too often summarized to poverty and corruption, and to change the way in which Africans and Black people around the world see themselves. That’s why he decided to self-produce the first episodes of Malika, via a crowdfunding campaign on “Kickstarter “. @NigeriasinsightMon, 13 Aug 2018 12:02:02 (Bridget UGWE) Airlines says likely to establish Nigeria's national carrier Airlines capped off a hugely successful and profitable financial year by announcing that they are the frontrunner to set up and manage a new national carrier for Nigeria, its chief executive said on Friday. Nigeria’s government last month launched a new national carrier, Nigeria Air, also indicating that it was seeking a strategic partner to invest up to $300 million and operate the new airline. “We are among a small group with an interest in establishing a national carrier (in Nigeria)...we do not know the results (of the tender), though we are frontrunners,” Chief Executive Tewolde Gebremariam told a news conference. HMSA Sen. Hadi Sirika and team, meeting with CEO Ethiopian Air Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam at the Farnborough Airshow.— Mustapha (@mustyjun2000) July 17, 2018 The state-owned carrier has outpaced regional competitors Kenya Airways and South African Airways to become Africa’s largest airline by revenue and profit, according to the International Air Transport Association. Ethiopian Airlines already has contracts for maintenance work with two Nigeria-based carriers, Arik Air and Medview Airline, Gebremariam said. Nigeria Air would serve domestic and international markets and expect to have a fleet of 30 aircrafts in five years with hubs in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria’s two main cities. Ethiopian’s expansion strategy The airline has been buying shares in other African airlines, a strategy aimed at gaining a competitive advantage against rivals such as those in the Gulf. In May, Tewolde told Reuters that the airline was in talks with Chad, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea to set up carriers through joint ventures. It aimed to create a new airline in Mozambique that it will fully own, the chief executive said at the time. In June Ethiopia said it would open Ethiopian Airlines and other companies including the telecoms monopoly up to private domestic and foreign investment, but details have not yet been made public. Tewolde also said that net profit in the 2017/18 financial year rose to $233 million from $229 million the previous year. Ethiopia’s 2017/18 financial year ended last month. The airline’s operating revenue rose by 43 percent to $3.7 billion in the 2017/18 financial year. Ethiopian Registers Record Success in 2017/18 Fiscal Year: +14 new aircraft, 8 new international destinations, passengers carried grew by +21% ,reaching 10.6 million passengers; Freight carried +18% from previous fiscal year ,Operating revenue +43% ,net profit 6.8 billion ETB.— Ethiopian Airlines (@flyethiopian) 11 août 2018 REUTERSMon, 13 Aug 2018 12:25:22 +0000editorial@africanews.com is slowly recovering from war on terrorism- Keïta’s incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta on Sunday said the nation has won the fight against instability,adding that Mali is slowly recovering from the war on terrorism. Keïta said this as he made his exit after casting his vote in Sebenicoro in Bamako in the presidential run-off poll. “The people are positioning themselves back in line for Mali’s compelling ascent; the weaving of its history is coming back into place and I bet that all the difficulties we have faced are finally behind us”, Keïta said. Authorities increased police and military presence at polling stations to 36,000 deployed throughout Mali, 6,000 more than in the first round. Keïta took 41 percent of the vote in last month’s first round against nearly 18 percent for Soumalia Cisse, a former finance minister and the main opposition leader. Despite his assertion, the August 12 run-off poll did not escape the brutality of terrorists. In the Timbuktu region, a polling station chief was killed by alleged jihadists. In the north of the country, equipment for the run-off poll were stolen, causing argument about whether or not the war on terrorism has been won. ReutersMon, 13 Aug 2018 11:34:38 +0000editorial@africanews.com's famed annual flower festival wrapped up the annual flower festival in the northwest city of Medellin with a traditional parade in which local flower growers carry enormous “silletas,” or elaborate floral arrangements. According to organizers, this year’s festival – edition number 61 – attracted more than 20,000 tourists and 510 “silleteros” as the flower designers are called. The annual event began in 1957 to celebrate the importance of the flower growers in the region and the 19th century tradition from nearby Santa Elena of carrying goods, flowers and even sick people on residents’ backs. Marta Isabel is a flower grower and participated in the parade. “It’s a very important date when we showcase our ‘silletera’ culture, the hard work of the Santa Helena farmers and we come here to display beautiful artworks for the whole city of Medellin and internationally too”, she said. For many participants like Francisco Orlando Quintero, it’s the highlight of the year. “I celebrate it more than Christmas, my birthday or any other important date,” Quintero said. The flower arrangements placed on large wooden frames can weigh over 100 kilograms. Colombia’s famed flower industry is the largest in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world after the Netherlands. ReutersMon, 13 Aug 2018 11:09:43 +0000editorial@africanews.com Congolese entrepreneur revolutionising access to medicine in Africa [Inspire Africa] barely 28 years old, Congolese entrepreneur Rufin Lepembe Ovoula has come up with an ingenious that makes access to medicine faster and more convenient. Hannane Ferdjani sat down with the CEO of Lisungui Pharma to talk about his application, its impact and his plans for the future.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:03:22 +0000editorial@africanews.com Soumalia Cissé cites more 'fraud' in Sunday's run-off poll’s presidential candidate, Soumalia Cissé said Sunday his staff had intercepted ballots in Bamako and Gao, which he said was evidence of electoral fraud in the run-off poll. Cissé, who spoke in Niafunke where he voted, also accused incumbent President Ibrahim Boubabcar Keita ,the favorite to win after securing 41 percent of votes in the first round of election, of cheating. “Everywhere we found an extremely strong desire for change. Malians want to change. Malians want a different future, a different hope. That is why I am very happy to be here. I am very happy because I am confident about today’s vote. But I also want to say that unfortunately last night we found elements of fraud in Bamako, we found people who already had booklets of ballots with them. We held a news conference to show to the world that the other camp (that of incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita) is not playing fair, that the other camp is carrying out fraud, the ballots are pre-voted in Gao, we have examples of that. In Bamako people already had ballots. But we will win because we are on the path of truth, we are on the path of hope and Malians need to change, they don’t need cheating, they don’t need a president who cheats to win”, Cissé said. Mali’s July 29 poll was marred by armed attacks. The run off poll also saw similar attacks as security sources confirmed that the chief of one poling station was killed by assailants in the Timbutu region. ReutersMon, 13 Aug 2018 10:20:07 +0000editorial@africanews.com of the African culture on the world [The Morning Call] African culture is a product of the diverse populations that today inhabit the African continent and the African Diaspora. Is it sufficiently exported outside the continent? And how can it’s influence be ensured? Salambéré Alimata. former Minister of Culture in Burkina Faso, tells us more.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:13:44 +0000editorial@africanews.com presidential runoff: Vote counting underway [The Morning Call] went the polls on Sunday August 12, 2018 in the presidential runoff that observers say was mostly peaceful though voter turnout was relatively low. Several polling stations also came under attack from armed men leading to the death of one election official in the country’s northern region. The runoff was between incumbent president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and his main challenger Soumaila Cissé.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:25:13 +0000editorial@africanews.com Review of August 13, 2018 [The Morning Call] review the headlines of Africa’s top newspapers on The Morning Call.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:06:09 +0000editorial@africanews.com New video shows extrajudicial killings [The Morning Call] shocking video showing more brutal killings of civilians by armed forces in Cameroon. Amnesty International has confirmed that the video, shot in the village of Achigaya in Cameroon’s Far North region corroborates previous accounts of extrajudicial executions which Cameroonian authorities continue to deny.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:18:31 +0000editorial@africanews.com Africa court declares appointment of state prosecutor by ex-president Zuma 'invalid' Africa’s Constitutional Court has declared the appointment of chief state prosecutor Shaun Abrahams as “constitutionally invalid”, upholding a decision by a lower court that found he had been improperly appointed by former president Jacob Zuma. Abrahams was appealing an earlier High Court judgmentthat ruled that the removal of his predecessor, Mxolisi Nxasana, was unlawful and that his own appointment be revoked. Abrahams was appointed after the removal of his predecessor Mxolisi Nxasana, who accepted a R17 million ($1.1m) settlement package president Zuma. Non-governmental organisations, Corruption Watch and Freedom Under Law took the matter on the removal of Nxasana to the High Court, which ruled in their favor. ‘‘The removal of Mr Nxasana and appointment of Adv Abrahams are constitutionally invalid. Subsections 12(4) and 12(6) of the NPA Act are declared unconstitutional. (Corruption Watch v President of RSA)’‘ Judgment: The removal of Mr Nxasana and appointment of Adv Abrahams are constitutionally invalid. Subsections 12(4) and 12(6) of the NPA Act are declared unconstitutional. (Corruption Watch v President of RSA)— Constitutional Court (@ConCourtSA) 13 août 2018 The Court subsequently made the following pronouncements: orders president to appoint a new National Director of Public Prosecutions within 90 days Nxasana is ordered to pay back over R10million ($688,000) orders parliament to correct 2 clauses of section 12 of NPA act which includes the indefinite suspension of NDPP and Deputies South Africa: corruption case against Zuma adjourned to Nov. 30Mon, 13 Aug 2018 08:58:17 (Daniel Mumbere)'s Naby Keita impresses in Liverpool debut’s national football captain, Naby Keita announced himself on the English Premier League scene with a Man of the Match performance in Liverpool’s 4-0 win over West Ham on Sunday. The 23 year old midfielder who was signed by Jurgen Klopp in July for up to $79m, was excellent on his debut for the English club side, dominating the midfield and playing a role in Mohamed Salah’s opening goal in the 19th minute. Reactions to Keita’s debut His performance earned him plaudits from manager, Jurgen Klopp, fellow players, pundits and the fans. ‘‘So Naby is in because he’s a really good footballer and I’ve said it from the beginning that he’s obviously settled really quick and has a similar style of play in a similar position as he did at Leipzig,’‘ said Klopp after the match. ALSO READ: Liverpool’s African kings Salah, Mane score in dominant win over West Ham “I knew he was an aggressive player but by taking the No 8 shirt which has been vacant since Steven Gerrard left Liverpool three years ago, Keita proved before a ball was even kicked that he does not shy away from a challenge,’‘ said former Liverpool midfielder-turned-pundit, Jamie Redknapp. Liverpool fans have waited almost a year to see Keita in action after he was initially signed 12 months ago from RB Leipzig. A premierleague</a> debut and tonight&#39;s winner. ?<br><br>? <a href="">NabyDeco ?— Liverpool FC (@LFC) 12 août 2018 Naby Keita was worth the wait for Liverpool – rarely has a player looked so good this quickly— Fan@TAK ?? (@Tahneet) 13 août 2018 ?Liverpool Fab 4?.. .Mane@10 .Salah@11 .Firmino@9 .Keita</a>...<a href="">#Kuzoba</a> Lit at EPL <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; ❤Griezmann❤?⚽?? (PuseletsoGriez2) 13 août 2018 Fellow players, Mane and James Milner also heaped praise on the new signing. ‘‘He is a ball winner with great drive and fantastic ability. I have seen him get out of some ridiculous situations in training where he had no right to do it,’‘ Milner on Naby Keita. “I’m happy for him. He played very, very well. Everybody was happy about the job he did for us,’‘ said Sadio Mane. Introducing Naby Keita Keita, who made his debut for the Guinea national team in July 2013, has played for European clubs RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg and FC Istres before his Anfield move. He is described as a box-to-box central midfielder, with ability to distribute the ball with range and accuracy, while also scoring goals frequently. Keita has been compared to France’s N’Golo Kanté and Portugal legend Deco. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }Mon, 13 Aug 2018 08:08:16 (Daniel Mumbere) approves law detailing new conditions to end Zimbabwe sanctions President Donald Trump has approved a new law that imposes tough new conditions that must be met by Zimbabwe before sanctions are lifted. The US law says the Zimbabwean army must ‘‘respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and to be nonpartisan in character’‘. The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act which was signed into law on Friday, states that for sanctions to end, Zimbabwe’s July 30 poll must be ‘‘widely accepted as free and fair’‘. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the Southern African nation is open for business, but this US law could weaken his plan. Zimbabweans went to the polls to elect a new leader in first post-Mugabe poll, which the opposition Movement for Democratic Change -Alliance has filed a legal challenge against. 6 people were killed in a military attack on opposition protesters days after supporters besieged the streets of Harare over the disputed poll.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 07:57:37 +0000editorial@africanews.com eagerly await results of Sunday's run-off poll await results of Sunday’s presidential election run-off which was characterized by violence, amidst accusations of fraud by the opposition candidate, Soumalia Cisse. Incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has denied these accusations. The election results are expected between the next four to five days. The winner will take office in early September and has a huge task of relaunching the peace agreement signed in 2015 with the former rebellion Tuareg group. Sunday’s poll was marred by violence and security sources confirmed the death of the chief of one of the polling stations in the region of Timbuktu. 73-year old Keita is in a strong position to win a second five-year term. In the first round, he polled 41.70% of the vote, against 17.78% for 68 year old Soumalia Cissé. AFPMon, 13 Aug 2018 07:09:17 +0000editorial@africanews.com's African kings Salah, Mane score in dominant win over West Ham’s Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane picked off from where they stopped last season as they scored in a dominant win over West Ham in the English club’s premier league’s opener. Egypt’s Salah, whose record goal scoring earned him the Golden Boot last season with 32 goals, opened the scoring on Sunday at Anfield, tapping in Andy Robertson’s cross. Salah’s goal featured an important contribution from new signing, Guinean Naby Keita, who cost 50 million pounds ($63.84m) from RB Leipzig. Senegal’s captain, Mane who was recently handed the significant No. 10 jersey scored Liverpool’s second and third goals, in a game that would eventually end 4-0. Substitute Daniel Sturridge made it four just seconds after coming on.Mon, 13 Aug 2018 07:08:53 (Daniel Mumbere) vote amid heavy security, Cisse confident of change on Sunday voted in a run-off presidential election under heavy security, with incumbent Ibrahim Boubacar Keita expected to win a second term despite a surge in ethnic and militant violence during his tenure. Keita, 73, is running against opposition leader, Soumalia Cisse, 68, the main opposition leader and a former finance minister. Cisse asssured that his party will win because they are on the path of truth and are on the path of hope adding that Malians need to change. “Everywhere we found an extremely strong desire for change. Malians want to change. Malians want a different future, a different hope. That is why I am very happy to be here. I am very happy because I am confident about today’s vote. But I also want to say that unfortunately last night we found elements of fraud in Bamako, we found people who already had booklets of ballots with them,” he added. According to a voter, Alpha Kaba, “There’s too much that needs to be sorted out in Mali, there is a lot that needs to be done but, if we start, then we will eventually get there. Despite the rain in several areas, polling stations started opening as scheduled at 08:00 (GMT). The 23,000 offices, with more than eight million registered voters, are due to close at 18:00, with results expected in four or five days. Mali votes in runoff election amid heavy security presence.— Mali Info/News (@Mali) August 12, 2018 The first round on July 29 was marred by armed attacks and other security incidents at about a fifth of polling places, as well as opposition charges of fraud.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 16:22:14 (Michael Ike Dibie) forces kill 12 suspected militants in Sinai security forces have killed 12 suspected militants in raids on their hideouts in north Sinai, state news agency MENA reported on Sunday. The killing is the latest in a campaign to uproot armed Islamists behind a wave of violence in the area. The deaths raised to at least 325 the number of suspected militants killed in the Sinai campaign which began in February, according to a Reuters count based on military statements. At least 35 military personnel have also been killed. The state news agency said security forces came under fire when they raided a walled compound in al-Arish, the capital of North Sinai province, without giving a time frame for the incident. It said the raiding forces responded in kind and 12 suspected militants were killed in the shootout. The authorities were trying to verify their identities. Five rifles, four of them automatic guns, were recovered from the scene as well as some ammunition and two ready-to-use bombs, MENA said. There were no reports of casualties among security forces. Sisi was re-elected in March in a landslide victory against one opponent seen as a token candidate. His critics say his presidency has brought a harsh crackdown on dissent, but supporters argue the measures are needed to stabilize Egypt, which was rocked by years of unrest after protests toppled veteran leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:49:51 +0000editorial@africanews.com Faso: suspected Jihadist Kill 6 in the East eastern part of Burkina Faso was on Saturday again attacked by a jihadist. Five gendarmes and one civilian were killed in a mine explosion between the communities of Boungou and Ougarou, in the east of the country, State television reported. The incident occurred in the evening, when the vehicle transporting the constables and mining workers they were escorting to an extraction site struck an explosive device. The incident comes as Islamic extremists are moving to the region, where they can hide in the thick forested areas, and are launching more attacks on security forces. Ousmane Traoré, the governor of the region, said the culprits are to be found among the many jihadist groups that abound in the region. In particular, he highlights the return of young men who have received extremist training in Mali and who now hope to launch a jihadist brigade. Earlier this month, in the same region, suspected jihadists destroyed a vehicle while hoping to free extremist detainees. In February, they attacked and killed one policeman, injuring two others. Burkina Faso is bearing the brunt of the Jihadist expansion in northern Mali, which it shares a border with. Numerous attacks have already been perpetrated on Burkinabe territory, sometimes as far as the capital Ouagadougou, targeting foreign citizens or strategic points such as army headquarters or embassies.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 11:39:33 (Michael Ike Dibie) monk held on charges of killing bishop at Egyptian monastery’s public prosecutor has detained a disgraced monk on charges of killing a bishop at a desert monastery, his lawyer said on Saturday, in a case that has rocked the Coptic community, the Middle East’s biggest Christian minority. The killing last month of Bishop Epiphanius, a 64-year-old scholar who had led the Abu Makar Monastery in Wadi Natroun, an area some 110 km (68 miles) northwest of Cairo, prompted the church to impose strict new measures on its clergy. Lawyer Ameer Naseef told Reuters that an Alexandria prosecutor on Friday charged Wael Saad, a monk who was known as Isaiah al-Makari before he was stripped of his religious title, with the July 29 killing. Officials from the prosecutor’s office were not immediately available, but judicial sources confirmed the report. “The prosecution’s decision came yesterday, on Friday, and it (the prosecution) asked that his remand be renewed on time,” Naseef told Reuters, adding that this would be done on Sunday. Christians in Egypt make up an estimated 10 percent of its roughly 96 million population. The church had earlier said that Saad had been investigated over alleged long-standing violations of his duties as a monk, but denied that he had been suspected of involvement in Bishop Epiphanius’ killing. The case has prompted the head of the Coptic church, Pope Tawadros II, to launch sweeping measures to combat what some Christian figures have described as violations of the principles of poverty and chastity. The measures include a freeze on accepting new monks, a ban on monks leaving monasteries without official permission and a ban on clergy using social media. Tawadros II and other clerics have since closed down their social media accounts.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 10:55:29 +0000editorial@africanews.com vote in presidential run-off under the rain began voting on Sunday in a run-off election in which President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is expected to beat Soumaila Cisse even though ethnic and militant violence has surged during his tenure. Polls opened in Bamako at 0800 local time (0800 GMT) under the rain, adding to concerns that turnout could be low after the candidates who came third and fourth declined to support either presidential candidate. “What the new president must do is stabilise and speed up our development, so that we can forget our crisis for ever, ensure that the development of the whole republic is guaranteed, ensure that every Malian feels safe at home and abroad. I think that is the major challenge facing our future president of the republic. And we think that that president will do the job,” said Voter, Aboubacar Bogodogo. Keita took 41 percent of the vote in last month’s first round against nearly 18 percent for Cisse, a former finance minister and the main opposition leader. The poll was marred by armed attacks and other security incidents that disrupted about a fifth of polling places and the threat of violence could again dampen turnout on Sunday. On Saturday hundreds of demonstrators protested against electoral fraud in Bamako after Cisse claimed there had been ballot stuffing, parallel voting lists as well as hundreds of voters who were unable to vote due to security issues in the first round.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 10:49:57 +0000editorial@africanews.com wave of arrests in Moroni new wave of arrest has emerged in Comoros, less than two weeks after the constitutional referendum. Among those arrested, are writer Said Ahmed Said Tourqui, known as “Sast”, arrested on Thursday night with one of his relatives. On Saturday, Me Bahassane Said Ahmed, brother of the ex-vice-president who fell in disgrace for having criticised the referendum – was summoned. The arrests come after many others in recent weeks related to the referendum boycotted by the opposition, it considerably strengthened the powers of President Assoumani, who can now run for two consecutive terms, and abolished the positions of Vice-President and the Constitutional Court. The opposition denounces abuses of power, authorities have announced the opening of an investigation for an attempted coup. The vice president who recently denounced President Azali Assoumani’s plans for a constitutional referendum as “illegal”, has been stripped of most of his duties as part of a cabinet reshuffle. As vice president, Ahmed Said Jaffar had been in charge of eight ministries, including the agriculture, energy and industry portfolios. But following the shakeup, he was only left with one — the social cohesion ministry, according to an official decree published on Thursday.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 10:25:30 +0000editorial@africanews.com ONLF declares a unilateral ceasefire Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has declare a unilateral ceasefire effective from Sunday August 12th, 2018. In a press statement, the group said it arrived at the decision after considering the call for peace by the current Ethiopian government Leader Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. And taking into account the positive steps taken by the Ethiopian government to lay the ground work for talks and peaceful negotiations to find a available and lasting solution to the Ogaden conflict. “Affirming its commitment to engage in a peaceful negotiated settlement of the conflict and Stressing the key role ONLF and the Somalis in Ogaden in bringing peace, stability and progress in the Wider Horn of Africa Region” “Emphasising the urgent need to foster a climate of peace that can assist all ONLF, the Ethiopian government and other stakeholders in resolving the long-standing conflict in the Somali territory (Ogaden)” The Ogaden National Liberation Front declares Unilateral ceasefire from today – 12:00 pm, August 12, 2018, that and will cease all military and security operations directed against the Ethiopian Security Apparatus in the Somali territory (Ogaden), until negotiated comprehensive cessation of hostilities is reached with the Ethiopian government. ONLF calls upon the Ethiopian government to reciprocate in kind in order to halt any further acts that could hamper the initiated peace process and hasten the proposed peace talks. ONLF has been fighting against Ethiopia since 1994.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 10:07:40 (Michael Ike Dibie) goes to polls in crucial election runoff on Sunday vote in a crucial election runoff that has been marred by allegations of fraud and a tense security situation in the vast west African nation. The presidential runoff election is between, the outgoing president,Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Soumaïla Cissé, the leader of the opposition. The election is holding after the 24 candidates who competed for the top seat failed to get more than the required 50 percent of votes in the first round last month. Voting goes from 08:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT. Turnout was low in the first round at about 40 percent. Mali opposition supporters protested in the capital Bamako on Saturday urging voters to keep their eyes open to any attempt to steal the election on the eve of the presidential run off vote. The first round was marred by accusations by opposition candidate Soumaila Cisse of ballot stuffing and parallel electoral lists. Cisse, who got through to the second round with just over 17 percent of the votes, is standing against President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who got 41 percent and is favourite to win. “I want this government to leave because it is corrupt, it is a government that does not respect the will of the people. The people decided last Sunday (first round), the people voted against the outgoing president (Ibrahim Boubacar Keita) and they fiddled around with the constitutional court, so what we are asking for today is for the regime to get out,” said a protester, Ibrahim Drame. Le Point – Mali - élection présidentielle : un second tour crucial— Afropages (@Afropages) August 12, 2018 The chaotic first round was a reminder that militants, some linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State, have regrouped since a French intervention in 2013 and are now expanding their influence across the desert north and into the fertile centre.Sun, 12 Aug 2018 08:50:33 (Michael Ike Dibie) disrupts internet ahead of run-off – Group international digital rights group is reporting that authorities in Mali have restricted internet access on the even of a presidential run-off vote. According to France-based Internet Without Borders, the capacity of the internet had technically been restricted to prevent the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and social networks. The group referred to a map by the Internet Intelligence body, confirming that connectivity across the West African nation had been tampered with. Other African countries with similar disruptions at this same time include Liberia, Cameroon (the Anglophone regions), Central African Republic and Ethiopia – where authorities restricted access in the restive east. African governments have often shut the net during elections with the excuse that it was to preserve the country’s security. But rights groups and opposition have dismissed the claims alleging that the move was to help government control information flow in order to rig the polls. Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita enters a run-off with main opposition candidate Soumaila Cisse after the incumbent failed to win a first round in polls of July 29. Keita won 41 percent of the votes in the first round against arch rival Cisse who got just under 18 percent. By law, since there was no outright winner, the top two candidates enter a run-off vote. Speaking ahead of the vote, a confident Keita said: “Some people were sceptical about these elections and some asked me to turn them down. They even asked me to go for a transition because they wanted a piece of the cake obviously. “They need to understand that we can organise credible elections and that we have achieved that,” he added. Cisse has alleged there was widespread fraud in the first round and has been trying to unite the other two dozen candidates behind him for the run-off. Keita’s camp denies there was fraud and the constitutional court on Wednesday upheld the results, despite challenges by Cisse, third-place finisher Aliou Diallo and fourth-placed Cheick Modibo Diarra.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 16:31:38 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) to Addis Ababa: UAE plans Ethiopia-Eritrea oil pipeline United Arab Emirates plans to build an oil pipeline connecting Eritrea and Ethiopia, the latest sign of the Gulf state’s increasing involvement in the Horn of Africa. The pipeline will run from Eritrea’s port city of Assab to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian official said. Landlocked Ethiopia began extracting crude oil on a test basis from reserves in the country’s southeast in June and will need access through Eritrea in order to export it. Ethiopian broadcaster Fana first reported the pipeline plan earlier on Friday following a meeting in Addis Ababa between Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Reem Al Hashimy, the UAE’s minister of state for international cooperation. The UAE played a behind-the-scenes role in helping Ethiopia and Eritrea end a two-decade state of war last month, Reuters reported this week. Hashimy, who last month publicly referred to herself as the UAE’s policy lead on sub-Saharan Africa, said after meeting Abiy that the UAE is keen to exploit investment opportunities in Ethiopia, a country of 100 million people with the fastest growing economy in Africa, Fana reported. Abiy’s chief of staff, Fitsum Arega, told Reuters that the talks were largely on investment in “industries, agriculture, real estate, (the) oil pipeline, (and) resorts”. “Most are under study,” Fitsum said in a text message. REGIONAL RIVALRY The UAE is also driven by a fear that rivals such as Iran or Qatar could gain a foothold. Both Qatar and Turkey are strong supporters of Somalia’s government. Earlier this year ties frayed between Mogadishu and Abu Dhabi and the two countries ended a UAE military training programme in Somalia. Abu Dhabi has a military base in Assab which it uses in its military campaign in the war in Yemen, located just across the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir arrived in Addis Ababa on Thursday and met with Abiy, although there were no detailed announcements from the meeting. Last month, Reuters reported that Ethiopia had asked Saudi Arabia for a year’s supply of fuel with payment delayed for 12 months to ease severe foreign currency shortages. Eritrea’s foreign minister and a close adviser to President Isaias Afkwerki arrived in Ethiopia on Friday to discuss progress on implementing the agreement they signed last month. The rapprochement ended Africa’s longest major military stalemate and holds great potential for both economies, which were held back by the “no war, no peace” status quo. Though the two countries have re-opened embassies in each other’s capital and resumed flights, details ranging from border demarcation to war reparations have not been worked out. REUTERSSat, 11 Aug 2018 15:26:47 +0000editorial@africanews.com Congo records four new Ebola cases ahead of historic test treatment new cases of Ebola virus have been confirmed in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the health ministry said, as authorities prepare to deploy an experimental treatment. The latest confirmed cases near the town of Mangina in Congo’s North Kivu province bring the total for the current outbreak to 21, the ministry said in a statement late on Friday. Two more people – one near Mangina and another in the city of Beni – died of Ebola, the ministry said. In all, the haemorrhagic fever is believed to have killed 38 people, although several of these cases have not been confirmed. Authorities this week began vaccinating health workers and people who had contact with confirmed cases. The experimental vaccine, manufactured by Merck, proved effective against an outbreak in western Congo that ended late last month. Officials are also ready to use an experimental treatment called mAB114 on Ebola patients for the first time, Steve Ahuka, a virologist at the National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) in the capital Kinshasa, told Reuters. The treatment was developed in the United States using the antibodies of the survivor of an Ebola outbreak in the western Congolese city of Kikwit in 1995 and was 100 percent effective when tested on monkeys. “It’s experimental. So we are following the protocol. It has been submitted to the ethical committee and the ethical committee gave its okay,” Ahuka said, adding it could be used within days. He said other experimental treatments, including ZMapp, a similar antibody drug made by Mapp Biopharmaceuticals in San Diego, could also be used. Ebola, which causes fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, is spread through direct contact with body fluids. It killed more than 11,000 people during the largest-ever outbreak in West Africa from 2013-16. Authorities in Congo, which has experienced 10 outbreaks since 1976, have been more successful in containing it. But the current flare-up poses fresh challenges as it is in a part of Congo stalked by myriad militia groups that regularly battle one another and kill and kidnap civilians. So far, however, the disease has not touched so-called “red zones” where security risks would severely limit access for health workers. REUTERSSat, 11 Aug 2018 11:37:21 +0000editorial@africanews.com PM says 'fake news' fuelling Somali regional crisis, urges calm Minister Abiy Ahmed has stressed that the security situation in Ethiopia’s Somali region was going to be resolved through peaceful consultations. His latest comments came after he paid a visit to the head of Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church, His Holiness Abuna Merkorios on Saturday. According to chief of staff Fitsum Arega, “PM Abiy said the situation is under control & will be resolved through peaceful consultations. He urged the public to go about their daily lives without being distracted by falsehoods & fabricated stories.” HE PM Abiy Ahmed visits this afternoon His Holiness Abune Merkorios, the 4th Patriarch of the #Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church, who returned to his homeland recently. They discussed the timeless message forgiveness and love.— Fitsum Arega (@fitsumaregaa) August 11, 2018 This is the second comment Abiy has made on the situation in one week. On Monday the PM said he deplored the violence and destruction of property in the regional capital Jijiga and Dire Dawa – a chartered city in the region. “He expresses his condolences for the tragic loss of lives both in Dire Dawa and Jigjiga. These tragedies and cycle of violence must end,” his chief of staff said in a tweet. The region’s internal administration came to a head last week as federal security agents moved to Jijiga. An armed standoff resulted resulting in the loss of lives, destruction of property and birth of a humanitarian crisis. Internet and transport have been restricted in the region according to the Addis Standard news portal. The region’s leader since 2005, Mahmoud Omar, known as Abdi Illey, has since resigned his position and is being held in federal custody in the capital, Addis Ababa.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 14:20:07 +0000editorial@africanews.com priest was assassinated, stray bullet claim untrue – Buea bishop Bishop of Buea says a priest who died in the July 2018 in the restive South-West region of the country was assassinated disputing claims that the death was as a result of a stray bullet. His Lordship Immanuel Bushu is reported by local press to have said Rev. Fr. Nougi Alexander Sob was assassinated. “Father Sob was with two other people in his car when he was shot at close range with a silencer gun.” The Cameroon Catholic church reported the death of the parish priest of Bomaka, a district of Buea, at the time the report said by “unidentified individuals.” “We have received photographs of the body of the deceased priest, Alexander Sob Nougi,’‘ an official communication by the church issued in Yaoundé read, specifying that the perpetrators of the murder remain unknown and that the body is mutilated. ALSO READ: Cameroon separatists have killed over 100 security forces Security in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, the north-west and south-west, has deteriorated considerably. Fighting became daily between the security forces and armed separatists demanding the creation of an independent English-speaking state. Catholic Church as conflict mediator The Catholic Church is the only actor capable of “promoting dialogue” between the insurgents and the government, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG) research centre in April. It represents almost a third of the Cameroonian population, according to the ICG, which deplored the Catholic Church’s “divergent positions” on the Anglophone question and invited it to “overcome its divisions and display its neutrality”. This increasingly violent armed conflict in the English-speaking zone, as well as that against the jihadist group Boko Haram in the north of the country, could disrupt the presidential elections scheduled for 7 October, according to analysts. President Paul Biya, 85, declared his candidature last week for a seventh consecutive term. His supporters believe that he is best able to respond to the English-speaking crisis, his opponents accusing him of being responsible for the crisis.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 10:51:30 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) backs Saudi Arabia in diplomatic row with Canada Eritrean government has officially waded into a diplomatic row between Saudi Arabia and Canada. Asmara said it stood with Saudi Arabia on the issue. In a statement issued earlier this week, Eritrea described Canada’s actions as irresponsible and provocative and tasked Saudi to chiefly defend its sovereignty. Saudi Arabia accused Canada of interfering in its internal affairs after the Canadian foreign ministry tweeted that the Kingdom should release detained “civil society activists.” The full Eritrean statement read: “The Government of Eritrea condemns the irresponsible, provocative and audacious   statement issued by the Canadian Government against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance certain political agendas. “The Government of Eritrea calls on the Saudi Government to take appropriate measures both for the sake of its sovereignty as well as to ensure respect of international law.” The said row which has been rolling on for the past few days started with a tweet over human rights and now the feud between Saudi Arabia and Canada has escalated into a sizeable diplomatic rift between the two nations. Saudi Arabia has kicked out the Canadian ambassador and recalled its representative. It has also halted all new investments, cut flights and arranged for Saudi patients and students in the country to be moved elsewhere. Meanwhiles the Canadian government insists that it is not backing down on the stands it has taken calling out Saudi on human rights. Eritrea is the second Horn of Africa country to take a stand on the issue following a similar move by Somalia. Countries in the region are known to have close ties to the Middle East giant.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 10:50:18 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) headmaster arrested for sitting exams for peacekeeper Burundian headmaster is in police custody after he was arrested sitting a national varsity entrance examination on behalf of a student. The BBC Africa’s correspondent in the country reported that Headmaster Benjamin Manirambona, from the Buterere Technical College in northern Bujumbura, was busted upon a tip off to the police. Confronted by police and exams officials whiles still writing a paper, Manirambona admitted that he was writing the paper for a soldier who was deployed on peacekeeping mission to Somalia. The report added that he confirmed that the unnamed student had promised to pay him an agreed amount upon his return from duty. He was arrested together with other students also suspected of cheating after a tip off was given to the police, the BBC Africa LIVE page added. According to Burundian laws, it was wrong to impersonate a person. The report, however, did not state what would be done to the soldier mentioned in the issue.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 10:47:37 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) School girls win gold at World Technovation Challenge in US Anambra girls from Regina Pacies Secondary School Onitsha, Amanbra state, Nigeria who represented Nigeria and Africa at the World Technovation Challenge in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, US have won the Gold Medal in the contest. The Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano had personally sent them off to the US in a brief ceremony at the last Executive Council Meeting, where he charged the girls to put Nigeria and Africa on the global technological map with their rare talent. The team, led by Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu defeated representatives of other technological giants including the USA, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan and China to clinch the gold medal. The girls, who have now become Africa’s Golden Girls is made up of five brilliant girls including Promise Nnalue, Jessica Osita, Nwabuaku Ossai, Adaeze Onuigbo and Vivian Okoye. The world champions who are reported to be attracting a lot of attention in the world’s greatest technological hub won the Challenge with a mobile application called the FD-Detector which they developed to help tackle the Challenge of fake pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. Under the tutelage of Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu the CEO of Edufun Technik STEM, the Golden Girls spent five months researching and developing FD-Detector which swept through over 2000 competing applications to get to the finals in San Francisco. Technovation is a programme that offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the programming skills they need to emerge as tech-entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year, girls are invited to identify a problem in their communities and then are challenged to solve them by developing Andriod applications that would address those problems. I had to BREAKING NEWS ....... Five Nigerian girls from Regina Pacies Secondary School Onitsha Anambra State who represented Nigeria and Africa at the World Technovation Challenge in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, US last night, have won the Gold Medal in the contest.— CHI-Z (@MissChizz_) August 11, 2018 115 countries participated in the qualifiers but only 12 teams from all over the world were selected as finalists for the pitch in Silicon Valley.Sat, 11 Aug 2018 09:58:51 (Michael Ike Dibie) investigates video showing apparent execution of civilians’s government said on Friday (August 10) it would investigate a video that Amnesty International said shows security forces shooting at least a dozen unarmed people in the Far North of the country where they are battling Islamist militants. Amnesty said in a statement it had verified the video through witness testimony, satellite imagery and analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms. It said the video was shot in the village of Achigaya at an unknown date prior to May 2016. The nearly four-minute video has circulated on social media in recent days. A government spokesman said it was released to undermine President Paul Biya ahead of an election in October. “Here is yet more credible evidence to support the allegations that Cameroon’s armed forces have committed grave crimes against civilians,” Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Lake Chad Researcher, said. Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said that authorities would open an investigation into the video but said the government was the victim of a “campaign of denigration” ahead of the election, when Biya will try to extend his 36-year rule. “We are in an electoral period and it’s conducive to this kind of thing. People want to discredit the army and president,” Tchiroma told Reuters. ReutersSat, 11 Aug 2018 09:35:43 +0000editorial@africanews.com Cisse, Keita brace for Sunday's runoff vote’s opposition leader Soumaila Cisse will face President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in a run-off on Sunday without the support of third and fourth place candidates. Keita, popularly known as IBK or “daddy” in local Bambara language, won the first round in July, with over 41 percent of the vote, but failed to get enough votes for an outright win. Cisse finished second with nearly 18 percent. He has alleged there was widespread fraud in the first round and was trying to unite the other two dozen candidates behind him for the run-off. Keita’s camp denies there was fraud and the constitutional court on Wednesday upheld the results. Keita’s Campaign Director, Bokary Tetra said: “In an election there must really be a winner and a loser. It is a competition and in this competition, I would like each and every one to measure up to their true value. Those who win, will thank to God, because for us the power comes from divine inspiration. God helped them but maybe it is also the work they have done that was enough to give them a chance. Those who did not win should also give thanks to God because it is God who did not want this to be their turn. By giving thanks to God, by recognizing the chance that was given to them, they can carry on with their work and make tomorrow their tower.” Turnout in the first round was just over 43 percent, in line with a historical average that is the lowest in West Africa. *Reuters*Sat, 11 Aug 2018 09:25:14 +0000editorial@africanews.com or be impeached: Nigeria's ruling APC warns Senate prez’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has officially asked the current Senate president Bukola Saraki to resign his position or be impeached. The APC’s came during a press conference on Friday in Abuja. It was addressed by party leader and former Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole. According to him, the conference was to directly respond to the issues that Saraki raised earlier this week during a World Press Conference held at the premises of the National Assembly. The APC leader severally accused Saraki, currently the third most powerful man in Nigerian politics, of working for his personal than the national interest. “The truth is that it is doubtful if the Senate President has ever acted either in the National interest or in the interest of his own political party before his defection recently.” Saraki announced quitting the APC to main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) last week. He has since fended off talk of resigning his position as Senate president. During his press conference associated with a recent blockade of the NASS, he said he was elected by Senators and not the party. Oshiomhole continued: “Once you made up your mind to leave, the honourable thing to do is to resign as Senate President. If he does not resign, he will be impeached according to law and not by thuggery or by mob or anything that undemocratic. He cannot sustain a minority rule in the Senate and that is what is haunting him in the Senate. “When I say that the Senate President will be impeached, let me emphasise that he will be impeached properly according to law. The constitution is clear how a presiding officer can be impeached and because several impeachments has taken place, we are not about to witness what has not taken place before. “We have enough precedent to fall back on. I have looked at the constitution which does not say that an impeachment is illegal. It is done, you cannot arrive at the conclusion that it is unlawful. How can we be accused of planning an illegal impeachment when it has not commenced. “If he thinks that by saying that he will pre-empt the APC from having him impeached, he is deceiving himself. I think that the time of Saraki is over,” he added. Before Saraki’s decamping, some fifteen APC Senators defected to the APC with a similar move playing out in the House of Peoples Representatives – the lower house of parliament. The leader of that legislative branch, Yakubu Dogara, remains in the APC. Saraki’s moves are linked to talk that he wants to be a presidential aspirant as the country goes to the polls in February next year. The APC ticket is all but settled for incumbent Muhammadu Buhari who has said he will seek a second and final mandate. The APC is to hold a conference to endorse Buhari all things being equal. The PDP on the other hand have yet to hold a conference to elect a candidate – most likely from the north. In the PDP race are ex-veep Atiku Abubakar who also defected from APC this year.Fri, 10 Aug 2018 20:40:56 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban), African football great Bwalya vows to fight FIFA ban Zambian international and African football great Kalusha Bwalya has vowed to fight a two-year football ban imposed on him on Friday by the world football governing body, FIFA. In an official statement posted on his social media pages, the player turned coach and president of the Zambian football body said he was surprise and saddened by the notice. “I have instructed my legal team to immediately appeal this decision urgently and would like to state that I am NOT guilty of any offence, which allegedly took place. “I have never done and will never do anything to bring the beautiful game into disrepute and stand by the facts provided by me to the committee. “I unfortunately cannot provide any further details as my legal team has advised I that this would jeopardize my chances of obtaining leave to appeal. FIFAs decision is not final and I will fight tooth and nail for justice to clear my name,” the statement added. FIFA reported having banned him from the game for two years after an investigation into his links to banned Qatari official Mohammed Bin Hammam. The adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s Ethics Committee said on Friday that they had banned Bwalya, a member of the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), for two years from “all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) at both national and international level.” FIFA said in a statement they had been investigating the 54-year-old Bwalya since February 2017 “focused principally on benefits that Mr Bwalya had received from Mr Bin Hammam.” “The adjudicatory chamber found Mr Bwalya guilty of having violated art. 16 (Confidentiality) and art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts and other benefits) of the FIFA Code of Ethics. A fine in the amount of CHF 100,000 ($100,573.2) was also imposed on Mr Bwalya.” Bwalya, was voted African Player of the Year in 1988 and later went on to be coach of the Zambia national team and president of the Zambian Football Association. Bin Hammam was banned for life from football by FIFA in 2011 for his part in a cash-for-votes scandal. The Qatari has denied any wrongdoing.Fri, 10 Aug 2018 20:01:56 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban) 17 soldiers killed in fresh attack by Boko Haram in Borno State least 17 Nigerian soldiers were killed in a new Boko Haram attack on a military base in the north-east of the country, the third in a month, sources told AFP on Thursday.  Heavily armed fighters arrived on trucks late Wednesday in the village of Garunda, Borno State, where they looted the military base.  According to the same source, the jihadist group took away weapons and vehicles before fleeing. The source said unfortunately, 17 soldiers were killed, 14 others were injured and an unspecified number are still missing. “There was an attack on the defense forces in Garanda and the local government area from Mobbar and one of my staff who is responsible for the evacuation has lost his life ’‘, said Bishir Garga, North-east Coordinator at the National Emergency Management Agency. Boko Haram has carried out two other major attacks against military bases in less than a month, a sign that the jihadist group still poses a threat in the region, despite repeated claim of its elimination by the government. On 26 July, insurgents invaded a military base near the village of Jakana, about 30 km from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, which they had taken control for several hours before being repulsed by the arrival of military reinforcements.  On July 14, dozens of soldiers were killed and others wounded in the village of Jilli, neighboring Yobe, in an attack attributed to the faction of Abu Musab Al-Barnaoui, affiliated with the Islamic State group. The attacked base had been put up for the soldiers of Jilli who had fled the mid-July attack by soldiers loyal to Barnaoui.  “Jilli’s troops had been relocated to Garunda where a new base had been established,” said a second military source, who confirmed the officer’s assessment. The source added that “the soldiers were just settling down and the bulldozer operator was working to protect the base of the terrorists (digging) trenches when the attack occurred”. According to AFP, military officials were not immediately available for comment.  AFPFri, 10 Aug 2018 18:31:44 +0000editorial@africanews.com Outgoing DRC president Kabila meets Ramaphosa of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Joseph Kabila has appeared in public for the first time since his party announced that he will not be standing in upcoming polls. Kabila met with visiting South African president Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday – two days after news of his “resignation” was reported. Ramaphosa is in DRC on a day’s visit. The presidencies of both countries reported that the leaders discussed bilateral cooperation as well as political and security developments in the region and continent, as well as global issues of mutual concern. The ruling PPRD on Wednesday formally announced that Kabila will respect the constitution by stepping down after elections in December 2018. The party picked former interior minister and its leader in parliament Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as candidate. Kabila’s decision has been hailed as a positive step for the country. All photos courtesy DRC presidencyFri, 10 Aug 2018 16:51:16 (Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban)